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DATEStored QUERY of DatabaseDATEStored QUERY of DatabaseDATEStored QUERY of Database
07.10.1964Material Consciousness12.01.1965Inner Peace24.03.1965A Machine for receiving Vibrations
24.03.1965Perfect Immobility21.08.1965Preparation for the Transformation21.08.1965Material and Physical Mind
27.11.1965Pulling the Vital Individuality27.11.1965Being ready for this Yoga 27.11.1965The Vision
27.11.1965The Way of Transition22.01.1966The Expression of a Choice 18.05.1966Work and Battles in the Vital World
18.05.1966Man is potentially a God18.05.1966It’s the Divine who plays28.09.1966The Reason of Suffering
30.06.1966Power of the Spirit to change Matter 11.01.1967The Disappearance of Personality21.01.1967Perception of True Matter
04.03.1967Love–Consciousness–Power 07.03.1967Perception of Appearances24.06.1967The New Being
26.08.1967The Law of Truth30.08.1967Place of Subtle Physical15.11.1967Everything takes Time
15.11.1967A certain percentage of Unconsciousness22.11.1967The Prayer to the Body’s Cells22.11.1967A Tremendous Progress
22.11.1967Contradicting spiritual assertions of the Past22.11.1967The Body wants the Light29.11.1967Mother: A different Person
30.11.1967Replacing the Mental Government13.03.1968That only exists16.03.1968Discovery of Separation
22.08.1968What is it that tires?28.08.1968A terrestrial Reorganisation28.08.1968A different Order
28.08.1968Penetration of the Current into the body28.08.1968A Body without Mind and Vital25.09.1968Self-deception
25.09.1968Supreme Vibration25.09.1968Mind limits and separates23.11.1968The Sense of Separation
23.11.1968Physical Suffering23.11.1968The earthly Consciousness lies27.11.1968The Body feels to understand
21.12.1968Exclusion of the Mind and Vital21.12.1968A growing Experience01.01.1969Golden Light
04.01.1969Supramental Personality?08.01.1969Descent of Superman Consciousness18.01.1969The Mentor
15.02.1969The Superman Consciousness22.02.1969Words can hardly describe this Peace17.05.1969Talking about Individuality
17.05.1969The Body is not concerned24.05.1969Towards Higher Organisation28.05.1969The Cells are convinced
31.05.1969About Auroville31.05.1969A dark Confusion06.06.1969The glorious Body
16.08.1969Confusion and Disorder01.10.1969The Love for the Divine in the Cells18.10.1969The Mind has to go away
18.10.1969Complete Immobility & intense Aspiration19.11.1969A clear Perception19.11.1969The Perfect Unity
19.11.1969Coming in towards Centralisation19.11.1969The Supramental Consciousness10.12.1969The old Consciousness causes disorder
13.12.1969Aphorisms = mentalised Higher Mind13.12.1969The Dilemma of Humanity27.12.1969Suffering of the Ego causes imbalance
31.01.1970Reason for Existence14.03.1970Bypassing the Truth14.03.1970Old Mental Laws
20.05.1970The Difficultly is the Mind27.06.1970Minimum of Mentalisation01.07.1970The Psychic Being will materialise
05.08.1970This Consciousness works hard11.01.1971Physical Sight and Hearing16.01.1971Mother’s Leg
31.03.1971Seeing the receptivity of people01.05.1971To make a leap upward22.05.1971A limpid Transmitter
09.06.1971A terrible Onrush of Falsehood – Sir Ego17.07.1971Cling to the Divine21.07.1971Silence of a dynamic Contemplation
28.08.1971To nestle in the Divine01.09.1971A physical Capability for the Power29.09.1971Victory
16.10.1971To master physical Suffering30.10.1971The Why of Creation17.11.1971Quality of Consciousness has changed
18.12.1971The Supramental and the physical Mind21.12.1971The physical Mind takes its place25.12.1971The Consciousness of Infinite
09.02.1972Insincerity26.02.1972In the Arms of the Divine08.03.1972An imperative Command
24.03.1972Mother’s New Body25.03.1972Description of the New Body02.04.1972The Divine Race
12.04.1972The Stupidity and Perversity of Humans06.05.1972Golden Force30.08.1972Consciousness replaces Thought
25.10.1972The Subconscient of the Earth04.11.1972A Battlefield in a perfect Calm08.11.1972The Harmonisation of contraries
20.12.1972The Work of Mother & Sri Aurobindo30.12.1972The Body’s Prayer07.02.1973All the Falsehood in us
10.03.1973A Divine Consciousness