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Stored Query of DatabaseIDStored Query of DatabaseIDStored Query of DatabaseID
A pure Surrender is needed10009Absolute Faith, Sincerity and Purity of Aspiration10021All Money-force for the Divine Power10016
Ask only for the Divine 10011Be the inner Warrior against Falsehood & Obscurity10006Becoming an Instrument 10019
Beware of Falsehood and Obscurity 10004Change of Nature10037Completion of your Faith, Sincerity and Surrender10012
Conditions of the Supreme Will 10042Consciousness, Plasticity and reserved Surrender10036Follow your Soul and Not your Mind10043
Free from all Desires and Ego 10017Her Emanations10027Human Mind10039
Keep “your Temple” clean10003Keep away from all Perversions of the Ego10020Life without Fear, Peril and Disaster10010
Maheshwari10030Money and Wealth10014No Demand for Fruit or Reward 10018
No Desire or Attachment10015Only total Surrender 10002Open your Soul, ignore the Mind10040
Revealing of the Mother as the Mahashakti10035Supramental Force and physical Nature10001The Divine and his Shakti 10007
The dual Consciousness of Ishwara-Shakti 10023The Evolution of the Earth-consciousness10044The Four Great Aspects of the Mother10029
The Four Powers of the Mother10022The Grace of the Divine Mother 10013The Mahashakti (Universal Mother)10024
The Mahashakti of this triple World of Ignorance10026The Mother descends into the lesser triple Universe10028The Mother in the Fields of Ignorance10041
The mysterious and powerful Ananda10034The personnel Effort and triple Labour10008The Presence and Power of the Divine Mother10045
The Worlds of a perfect Supramental Creation10025True and complete Surrender for Transformation10005Two Powers10000
Unreserved Surrender10038