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Stored Query of DatabaseIDStored Query of DatabaseID
Brahman, Purusha, Ishwara - Maya, Prakriti, Shakti12032Conscious Force12009
Death, Desire and Incapacity 12019Delight of Existence: The Problem 12010
Delight of Existence: The Solution12011Excl. Concentration of Consciousness-Force & the Ignorance12054
Indeterminates, Cosmic Determinations & the Indeterminable12030Knowledge by Identity and Separative Knowledge12048
Life12018Man and the Evolution12074
Man in the Universe 12005Matter12023
Memory, Ego and Self-Experience12046Memory, Self-Consciousness and the Ignorance12044
Mind and Supermind 12017Out of the Sevenfold Ignorance towards Sevenfold Knowledge12066
Reality and the Cosmic Illusion12040Reality and the Integral Knowledge12058
Reality Omnipresent 12003Rebirth & other Worlds; Karma, the Soul & Immortality12072
Supermind, Mind and Overmind Maya12027The Ascending Series of Substance12025
The Ascent of Life 12020The Ascent towards Supermind12080
The Boundaries of the Ignorance12050The Cosmic Illusion; Mind, Dream and Hallucination12038
The Destiny of the Individual12004The Divine and the Undivine12036
The Divine Life12084The Divine Maya 12012
The Divine Soul12016The Double Soul in Man 12022
The Ego and the Dualities 12006The Eternal and the Individual12034
The Evolution and the Spiritual Man12076The Evolutionary Process: Ascent and Integration12064
The Gnostic Being12082The Human Aspiration12000
The Integral Knowledge & the Aim of Life; Four Theories of Existence12060The Knot of Matter 12024
The Knowledge and the Ignorance12042The Methods of Vedantic Knowledge12007
The Order of the Worlds12070The Origin & Remedy of Falsehood, Error, Wrong & Evil12056
The Origin of the Ignorance12052The Philosophy of Rebirth12068
The Problem of Life 12021The Progress to Knowledge: God, Man and Nature12062
The Pure Existent 12008The Sevenfold Chord of Being12026
The Supermind as Creator 12013The Supreme Truth-Consciousness12014
The Triple Status of Supermind 12015The Triple Transformation12078
The Two Negations – The Materialist Denial12001The Two Negations – The Refusal of the Ascetic12002