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Stored Query of DatabaseIDStored Query of DatabaseID
"A Far Greater Truth"13308"A Far Greater Truth"13310
Alexandra David-Neel13106An Experience in Kashmir 13214
Attitude towards Work13022Beginning of the Practice of Yoga13230
Brahma – Brahman – Brahmin13078Brahma – Brahman – Brahmin13080
Bringing Down the Powers of Transformation 13302Bringing Down the Powers of Transformation 13304
Buddhism and Other Religions13378Capitalism and Socialism13160
Change of Nature13014Contact with Vivekananda13282
Contact with Vivekananda13284Depression and Despair13522
Descent and the Supramental Yoga13332Descent and the Supramental Yoga13334
Descent and the Supramental Yoga13336Descent of the Overmind13290
Dizziness or Giddiness13538Dynamis13082
Education, Belief and Yoga13202Edward Windsor 13136
Exacerbation of Vital Movements13524Exacerbation of Vital Movements13526
Exacerbation of Vital Movements13528Faith and Knowledge13200
First Experience of the Self13210General Remarks13232
General Remarks13234General Remarks13236
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky13104Heredity and Past Lives13024
His Horoscope13030His Horoscope13032
Indian Systems and the Cabbala13360Intellectual Idealists, World Events and the New Creation13140
J. Krishnamurti13102Jawaharlal Nehru13120
Jivatman, Spark-Soul and Psychic Being13072Kaiser Wilhelm II13130
Knowledge of Astrology13034Leaving Politics13000
Mahatma Gandhi13108Mahatma Gandhi13110
Mahatma Gandhi13112Mahatma Gandhi13114
Mahatma Gandhi13116Mahatma Gandhi13118
Meditation and Purification13208Meditation as a Means13206
Meeting with Vishnu Bhaskar Lele 13238Meeting with Vishnu Bhaskar Lele13240
Meeting with Vishnu Bhaskar Lele13242Meeting with Vishnu Bhaskar Lele13244
Mental Silence13246Mental Silence13248
Nirvana and the Brahman13250Nirvana and the Brahman13252
Nirvana and the Brahman13254Nirvana and the Brahman13256
Nirvana and the Brahman13258Nirvana and the Brahman13260
Nirvana and the Brahman13262No Resorting to Miracles13516
Not Grim and Stern13018On His Philosophy in General13036
On World War II13148On World War II13150
Opening to Painting 13278Opening to Painting 13280
Ordinary Consciousness and Awakening13204Oscillating or Up and Down Movement13500
Oscillating or Up and Down Movement13502Oscillating or Up and Down Movement13504
Overcoming Adverse Movements13530Overmind 13068
Overmind and Intuition13070Pain and Ananda13274
Passages from the Mother13056Passages from the Mother13058
Passages from the Mother13048Passages from the Mother13050
Passages from the Mother13052Passages from the Mother13054
Passing Away of Customary Illnesses13010Persistence of Dreams from the Subconscient13540
Persistence of Dreams from the Subconscient13542Philosophical Theft 13042
Physical Transformation13346Physical Transformation13348
Physical Transformation13350Physical Transformation13352
Practice of Pranayama13224Practice of Pranayama13228
Psychic and Spiritual13074Ramakrishna Paramhansa13084
Ramana Maharshi13090Ramana Maharshi13092
Ramana Maharshi13094Ramana Maharshi13096
Ramana Maharshi13098Ramana Maharshi13100
Rising above Depression13020Sadhana and the Subconscient 13544
Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13312Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13314
Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13316Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13318
Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13320Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13322
Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13324Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13326
Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13328Sadhana for the Earth Consciousness13330
Seeking the Way13288Signs of Yogic Opening13216
Signs of Yogic Opening13218Signs of Yogic Opening13220
Signs of Yogic Opening13222Silence, Thought and Action13264
Silence, Thought and Action13266Silence, Thought and Action13268
Silence, Thought and Action13270Silence, Thought and Action13272
Sitting on the Path?13286Solid Strength13016
Speculations about His Past Lives13026Speculations about His Past Lives13028
Spiritual and Supramental 13060Spiritual and Supramental 13062
Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky13134Stoppage of Sadhana13506
Stoppage of Sadhana13508Stoppage of Sadhana13510
Stoppage of Sadhana13512Stoppage of Sadhana13514
Subhas Chandra Bose13122Subhas Chandra Bose13124
Subhas Chandra Bose13126Subhas Chandra Bose13128
Supermind and Overmind13064Surrender to the Guru13606
Swami Ramatirtha13088Swami Vivekananda13086
The Battle of Life13012The Censor13518
The Censor13520The Communal Problem13138
The Conquest of Death13354The Conquest of Death13356
The Conquest of Death13358The Creation Postponed13306
The Descent into the Physical13532The Descent into the Physical13534
The Guru and the Divine13600The Guru and the Divine13602
The Guru and the Divine13604The Kaiser, Hitler and His Lieutenants13132
The Life Divine13044The Path of the Vedic Rishis13362
The Principle of Levitation13276The Significance of the 24th November13292
The Significance of the 24th November13294The Significance of the 24th November13296
The Significance of the 24th November13298The Significance of the 24th November13300
The Situation after the War13154The Situation after the War13156
The Situation after the War13158The Stone-Throwing Incident13548
The Stone-Throwing Incident13550The Supramental Yoga and Humanity13338
The Supramental Yoga and Humanity13340The Supramental Yoga and Humanity13342
The Supramental Yoga and Humanity13344The Synthesis of Yoga, The Mother and Lights on Yoga13046
The War and Sri Aurobindo's Work13152The World Situation before World War II13142
The World Situation before World War II13144The World Situation before World War II13146
Thinking Outside the Body13554This-Worldliness and Other-Worldliness13212
Tibetan Yoga (W. Y. Evans-Wentz)13380Traditional Paths of Yoga13374
Traditional Paths of Yoga13376Transformation13076
Transforming Tamas into Śama13536Unconsciousness of the Body13552
Undeterred by Difficulty13498Unwillingness to Write for Newspapers and Magazines13038
Vedanta and Other Paths of Self-Realisation 13364Vedanta and Other Paths of Self-Realisation 13366
Vedanta and Other Paths of Self-Realisation 13368Vedanta and Other Paths of Self-Realisation 13370
Vedanta and Other Paths of Self-Realisation 13372Visions of Unknown People13546
Writing Philosophy13040Writing Philosophy13041