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"Bath" in the "Big Hotel"05.Oct196333652 Ways of Relationship with the Divine28.Jun19724330
5 luminous cigars; Have a wrestler's relationship!07.Oct19643444A big Asuric being appears as Sri Aurobindo03.Apr19623243
A brief Wonder 25.Nov19643457A certain Way of Being05.May19714153
A change of government 17.Apr19683770A consciousness with foresight11.Feb19673658
A constant phenomenon 03.May19633328A critical hostile voice; sudden death04.Oct19673724
A Cyclone within 09.Dec19724389A discovery and confirmation31.Jul19633350
A Divine Victory 23.Oct19683800A dream of a better place18.Jan19643405
A few experiences of the body consciousnessApr19543005A fierceness in the resistance09.Jan19653480
A frightful battle in the Subconscient11.Dec1963 3377A German industrial magnate visiting Mother03.Dec19633375
A Gift for the Body21.Feb19704018A great Presence 16.Nov19683805
A Harmony unknown to this World22.Jan19724258A Letter by Sri Aurobindo07.Dec19633376
A letter by Sri Aurobindo18.Jul19643424A letter from Sri Aurobindo to Mother07.Aug19683788
A line from Savitri17.Feb19623235A Lived Faith 21.Nov19643456
A long way to go! 28.Nov19643458A mystery betw. physical & subtle physical body02.Aug19673710
A new “denser” substance18.Jun19653511A New Ashram19.May19724314
A New Language is needed08.Oct19603103A new perception of life18.Sep19643440
A new process 07.Nov19643453A period of battles15.May19653500
A Physical Being for the New Power01.Sep19714192A place of the subtle physical30.Aug19673717
A Point of Concentration11.Apr19704044A Prayer from Prayers and Meditations23.Apr19563013
A psychic benevolence28.Sep19683796A Region of Nature 22.Apr19704047
A replica of Mother's father in Japan08.Aug19643430A sense of absolute security27.Nov19623292
A sincere Heart19.Jul19693948A story of healing hands 04.Oct19673723
A transitional period 22.Jun19633339A transitional state 15.Jan19643403
A trick for the cells 30.Jun19653516A Type of Consciousness17.Mar19734421
A Universal Unfolding 18.Apr19613178A vast dead-calm rest 17.Jul19633345
A very striking experience21.Dec19573030A very strong action on the consciousness22.Aug19643435
A view of knowledge-vision19.Aug19673715A vision with Sri Aurobindo30.Jun19653515
A Web envelopes the Earth07.Aug19714181A wonderful Presence31.Jan19734412
A World being built31.Oct19704095Abolition of all personal Existence03.Jan19734402
Abolition of Preference & Desire31.Jan19704009About 1915: Mother left her psychic being behind14.Mar19643416
About Children14.Nov19704103About Christianity 29.Jul19673698
About Collective Yoga 03.Jul1957 3023About death07.Mar1967 3664
About Death and Consciousness07.Feb19704015About dying disciples 27.Jul19633348
About Exteriorization 27.Jan19623228About Falsehood24.Mar19734425
About fanatic Arabs 06.Sep19724356About Flowers04.Feb19613149
About JAPA03.Feb19623231About Jesus's death! 25.Jan19643407
About Karma03.Feb19623229About Kennedy's death20.Nov19653546
About Money04.Oct19583062About Mother's experience of 13. November15.Nov19583071
About Mother’s experience on Darshan day16.Aug19673714About Nirvana13.Aug19633354
About Nirvana30.Oct1962 3284About publishing the Agenda13.Mar19623242
About Questions & Answers10.Jul19603096About religion and sin07.Oct19673725
About Russians05.May19714154About Sadhana08.Sep19623274
About Satprem‘s eye problem 20.Sep19724359About Satprem’s Book25.Nov19704104
About Sri Aurobindo’s Life10.Mar19714138About the conversation of 03. May 1963 29.May19633334
About the events of the Ashram attack24.Feb19653485About Théon and Sri Aurobindo09.Aug19724349
About this Creation31.May19693941About transformation15.Nov19673734
About Translator’s Ego14.Feb19734415About Truth16.Dec19673739
About Vivekananda; Deleting Q & A!23.May19613184About World Union05.Jun19653504
Absolute omnipotence; Limitations of the body 03.Apr19673669Accept everything as coming from the Divine17.Dec19603115
Access to the Supramental World12.Jan19623222Action of the Supreme Consciousness08.Jun19663605
Activities at night 14.Aug19643432Activity in the Subtle World09.May19704055
ADDENDUM – The Secret of the Veda30.Oct19613211Addendum to Mother's experience on Jan. 2431.Jan19613147
Adversaries are a form of the Supreme30.Sep19643443Adversity is within us 25.May19683776
After Mother's concentration26.Jul19603098Afterlife, Soul, and Psychic Being03.Nov19663634
Agenda of the Supramental action on Earth19.Mar19563010All Appearances are Illusions 31.May19724318
All is willed by the Lord02.Nov19724375All kinds of contacts with people06.Oct19583063
All the complications we create16.Oct19633367Almost limitless Power09.May19734435
Always listen to the Lord04.Aug19653525Always with Sri Aurobindo; Feeling of a catastrophe25.Jan19673654
America, England, Russia, China, Japan18.Jun1965 3512America’s aspiration27.Jan19714120
An absolute receptive Passivity05.Jul19583050An adverse formation07.Dec19653551
An all-powerful Will10.Feb19683757An Apprentice in Supermanhood10.May19583042
An Assurance of Triumph24.Oct19643450An Atmosphere of Resistance06.Mar19714137
An existent contact 19.Jul19673695An IMMENSITY of Power23.Feb19633317
An interminable work13.Nov19683804An uninterrupted series of tests12.Nov19573025
Announcement of the New World25.May1963 3333Another Few Hundred Years08.May19714155
Another four years 04.Mar19643414As the Divine sees the World27.Nov19714221
Aspiration and self-giving04.May19683773Attack of the Hostile ForcesNoDate19583034
Attack on the Ashram19.Feb19653484Attacks on Mother’s health24.Feb19623236
Attitude of absolute Surrender21.Oct19724368Attitude towards Religions26.Apr19693932
Auroville 04.Sep19714193Auroville30.Aug19693964
Auroville25.Mar19704030Auroville – Matrimandir31.Dec19693999
Auroville’s charter 28.Feb19683761Auroville’s true role in the World21.Sep19663626
Awakening the body 03.Sep19663622Awesome Power 22.Apr19704048
Backdrop28.Mar19734427Battle in the Vital and Mental12.Nov19693985
BE SIMPLE!16.Sep19613206Beautiful places of the vital world09.Oct19683797
Become Searchlights of the Divine17.Mar19714141Before meditation 23.Dec19603117
Beginning of the New Body13.May19704056Being a non-interfering witness17.Feb19683759
Being patient!05.Sep19623272Being Tranquil14.Mar19734420
Between Imbecility and Genius03.Jun19724323Between two chasms 28.May19663603
Beyond Overmind15.Sep19623275Black magic against the MotherDec19583076
Black magic against the Mother21.Mar19613174Blue Light and vibrations19.Mar1963 3322
Body and Consciousness28.Feb1970 4020Body Transformation25.Mar19704031
Both forms of transition possible06.Mar19633318Breathless08.Apr19704043
Buried or burned?16.Oct19623281Burn the past with the fire of aspiration08.Jul19673692
Burning people after death28.May19603093Capability of the physical body28.Nov19583075
Capitalism & Communism are coming to an end21.Mar19563012Catholicism and Communism29.Jun19633340
Change of Mother's body consciousness27.Mar19613175Change of Organisation of the Mind26.Mar19734426
Change of senses to see the Subtle World27.Jun19613189Changing governments 14.Aug19643433
Children22.Nov19693990Chinese: the lunar race30.Oct19623283
Christianity29.Mar19693920Christianity, religion, and France03.Jul19633342
Cling to the Divine14.Apr19714147Cling to the Mother... 24.May19724315
Cling to Truth22.Mar19673666Clinging to the Divine 01.Jul19724335
Color of Consciousness18.May19633331Communicating with the Psychic13.Dec19714232
Complete New Body 24.Mar19724285Concentrating on what I'm doing24.Sep19603101
Concerning the disciple’s tantric guru25.Oct19583066Conditions to become Aurovilian03.Jun19673684
Confrontation with the own difficulties 16.Sep19673720Consciousness15.Jan1969 3902
Consciousness09.Aug19693954Consciousness and Faith25.Feb19673661
Consciousness of Physical Being16.Jan19714119Consciousness replaces Thoughts 30.Aug19724351
Constant Invocation24.Jul19714174Constant negation of inner life07.Aug19633352
Constant Vision 17.Jun19704067Constantly calling the Lord!18.Jul19623264
Contact with the inner Divine30.Nov19623293Continuation of Mother's previous experienceFeb 19583036
Continuation of the first seven Sutras17.Oct19583065Contradictions from Subconscient04.Nov19724376
Courage – Love – Selfishness17.Dec19693997Death and Consciousness 18.May19683774
Death is a Distortion of Consciousness 25.Dec19714238Decentralization of the cells03.Jun19683778
Deep in Transformation 04.Aug19714180Demonstration of the Divine's Existence03.Jul19714169
Description of Mother's experience12.Jan19623223Destruction of the physical Ego06.Jan19683751
Destruction vs Transformation27.Dec19673741Difference between material and physical Mind31.Aug19653532
Different Regions18.Apr19704046Difficulties 01.Feb19724264
Difficulties to disappear26.Mar19693918Dilemma of languages; Mother’s sensation23.Apr19683771
Diminishing Consciousness08.Dec19673738Disease and New Consciousness14.Mar19704026
Diseases; becoming a Divine Doctor26.Sep19643442Disgusted with life is the beginning 09.Nov19663635
Disintegration of the physical ego24.May19603092Distortion of consciousness15.Feb19673659
Disturbance in the Atmosphere21.Mar19734423Divine Grace31.Jan19704008
Divine Impulsion, Physical Mind18.Dec19714235Divine Truth and Love20.Dec19673740
Divine Victory is certain!25.May19714160Dizziness of Physical Consciousness07.Mar19704025
Doctors, treatment, disorders04.Dec19653550Don't be afraid of illness; Crazy World22.Oct19663632
Don't speak about experiences!Jul(?)19583056Down-to-earth state20.Jul19633346
Durga11.Oct19673726Durga’s surrender 15.Oct19663631
Durga’s victory; Auroville; before the Divine Power14.Oct19673727Earthly Paradise19.Jul19583053
Ego is the Obstruction 13.Apr19724296Energetic and conscious sleep04.Jun19603094
Entering a New World 21.Aug19714185Entering Another World 12.Jul19724337
Enwrapped in the Divine26.Feb19724275Every Minute a Discovery22.Nov19724380
Everything is becoming strange14.May19663598Everything is the Lord Himself!11.Jul19623262
Everything is the Result of the Divine04.Dec19714229Evolution of Inconscient to Subconscient02.Aug19613198
Experience in the Subtle Physical11.Oct19693976Experience of Immortality28.Aug19653531
Experience of LSD 12.Apr19673671Experience of SAT 07.Nov19623287
Experience of the Consciousness27.Jun19704069Experience of the Inner God16.Oct19714210
Experience of the New Consciousness24.Jan19613144Experience of the Physical Being 27.Oct19714212
Experience of the Supramental Ship03.Feb19583035Experimenting with time31.Jan19613148
ExteriorizationNoDate19583068Extreme Stubbornness is needed!28.Aug19623270
False Statement10.Apr19734431Falsehood30.May19714161
Fear22.Nov19693989Fear is insincerity 26.May19673682
Fear of death 26.Jun19683782Feeling of a Miracle 11.May19583043
Feeling of Nothingness 13.May19724312Feeling unaccomplished... being patient!31.Dec19653556
Filariasis in Mother's body14.Mar1961 3171FIRST SUPRAMENTAL MANIFESTATION29.Feb19563009
Floating within this Consciousness16.Oct19683798Flooding with letters 20.Aug19603099
Flowers and Auroville’s charter07.Feb19683756Flowers and their meanings25.Feb19613167
Food 27.Mar19653492Forgetting the Past21.Apr19714148
Frightening Pressure 08.Mar19724280Frightfully swift movement06.Nov19653544
From Questions and Answers 02.May19563015Full support to the harmony03.May19673676
Gita: the Experience of Oneness06.Oct19623279God is everything and everywhere!02.Jul19583049
Gods of the Puranas; Théon & Questions04.Nov19583067Going through a dull period! 30.Mar19633325
Harmonious equilibrium in life22.Apr19673673Having no power to do everything, one knows nothing!28.Apr19653497
Having no Powers 21.Oct19643449Hidden Wonders03.May19693935
Hitler and the Lord of Falsehood 12.Jan19653481Hope of transformation of the material mind21.Jul19653521
Hostile attack!10.Mar19593077How long will it take?31.Aug19623271
How Pain disappears28.Mar19704032How to eat food 31.Jan19673656
How to get rid of Disease and Pain18.Mar19704028How to remember dreams?23.Feb19633316
Human dynamo 17.May19673679Human Love and the Gods09.Aug19583059
Human Nature12.Apr19724295Human versus New Consciousness17.Nov19714220
Humanity has reached enormous state of tensionJun19583046Humans like to waste energy21.Jul19583054
I am Nothing without the Divine29.Dec19714240I AM THAT10.Mar19734419
I AM WITH YOUNoDate19573027I see the Lord smile! 28.Jul19653523
I was the Origin: gusts of Love!13.May19623245Illness 04.Aug19653526
Illness01.Jan19693900Illness: falsehood in the body & consciousness02.Oct19613209
Illnesses and Disorders25.Feb1970 4019Immortality 08.Sep19714195
Immortality and deathless state25.Nov19593085Impotant Stages in Mother's Yoga28.Jul19623266
Impression about Death 25.Aug19714186In the middle of a transition08.Apr19643422
In the Realms of Expression25.Aug19613204In the Subtle Physical18.Apr19704045
Incomprehension in People 22.Mar19724284India19.Apr19693930
India’s destiny 29.Sep19653537Intensifying Consciousness21.Mar19704029
Intervention27.Aug19693963Intuition on the balcony08.Oct19563020
Is Money under Nature's control?06.Jul19583051Is the Earth ready?30.Sep19704088
Is the Universe an error of God?23.Jul19583055It’s a Whole New World04.Nov19704100
It’s a Woman that can build a Bridge26.Apr19724305Joy in the body itself30.Oct19643451
Judging26.Feb19693912Kali and Krishna01.Apr19704040
Kali’s work; Mother’s vision10.Mar1965 3489KARMA is the construction of the EGO22.Nov19583072
Kennedy, Khrushchev, the Brits18.Jan19643404Kennedy's assassination23.Nov19633373
Krishna03.Mar19603087Lack of harmony; the white Light10.Jul19653518
Lack of understanding; Auroville 21.Jan1967 3653Let oneself be carried by the Supreme 31.May19623252
Let the Power flow 13.Nov19714219Letter by Sri Aurobindo18.Dec19633379
Letter to Nirod19.Jan19724257Letters by Sri Aurobindo29.Jan19643409
Letters from Sri Aurobindo24.Jul19633347Letting the Divine Consciousness act30.Sep19673722
Life is Torture 10.Dec19724390Like a child’s prattling17.Sep19663625
Like a special, soft vibration19.May19613183Like the chick popping out of the egg 10.Oct19643445
Limitation20.Sep19693972Limitation of the German language26.Jun19653514
Lived knowledge 29.Mar19673668Living in the Consciousness04.Sep19714194
Living in the Future 16.Feb19724272Living in the Truth; Yoga of Matter11.Jun19663606
Living in this New Consciousness27.Nov19653548Lord, what You want is my Joy06.Oct19714205
Madness of the World29.Apr19714149Making a discovery every minute29.Jun19683783
Malfunctioning of the body; disorders, attacks08.Sep19623273Man creates all his difficulties14.Feb19683758
Man's Consciousness distorts...21.Jul19714173Manifest Your Love!12.Jul19613193
Manifesting the True Consciousness14.Mar19704027Mantra on the Subconscient28.Oct19724370
Many things can be done...20.Sep19603100Materialists: Protestants and Jews07.Sep19633360
Matrimandir21.Feb19714126Matter can be immortal 20.Jun19623257
Meaning of Joy and Felicity22.Jan19583033Meeting with Dalai Lama20.Jan19734408
Memories of a past life 02.Dec19643460Men’s Actions25.Jul19704077
Message 11.Nov19724378Message 15.Aug19663617
Message 15.Aug19673713Message 08.Dec19714230
Message 02.Jan19724251Message 15.Jan19724255
Message 05.Feb19724266Message 07.Feb19724267
Message 08.Feb19724268Message 10.Feb19724270
Message 11.Feb19724271Message 17.Mar19724282
Message 19.Mar19724283Message 23.Jun19724328
Message 22.Jul19724340Message13.Sep19724358
Message11.Apr19734432Message02.Oct1971 4204
Message21.Feb1963 3315Message about Truth 10.Jan19683752
Message for India; on Christianity12.Aug19673712Message from Human Cycle 24.Apr19593080
Message; the dilemma of words27.Aug19663620Messengers of Light and Truth05.Nov19704101
Microbes and the cause of diseases02.Mar19683762Mister Ego05.Apr19724293
Modern Science29.Sep19623277Money27.Aug19693962
Moral judgements 21.Aug19653529Moral, vice and virtue08.Nov19603111
Mother about her new discovery!24.May1962 3250Mother about her yogic development25.Jul19623265
Mother about Language, French, English18.Mar19643417Mother about publishing A. P's Evening Talks18.Feb19613166
Mother about Sri Aurobindo's work (Transformation)15.Jul19613194Mother about Universal Mother14.Oct19704094
Mother in trance 16.Nov19613215Mother is considered to be dangerous!12.Jun19623256
Mother on Q & A 1956 23.Dec19613219Mother on the Body-mind from Sri Aurobindo03.Jun1963 3335
Mother on the Rishis’ experiences in the Veda07.Nov19613214Mother talks about a yesterday's experience18.Aug19613203
Mother talks about her experience of January 2418.Feb19613165Mother talks about her leg18.Feb1961 3164
Mother talks about her Mother's education29.May19623251Mother: "On Himself" 07.Jul19613191
Mother's birthday message22.Feb19643412Mother's body is a battlefield07.Mar19613169
Mother's cat stories 12.Apr19613177Mother's description of the almighty spring11.Nov19583070
Mother's discoveries 03.Aug19663615Mother's discoveries 08.Aug19623268
Mother's early Vision of Sri Aurobindo20.Dec19613218Mother's encounter with the false Sri Aurobindo15.May19623246
Mother's experience 08.Jun19633336Mother's experience 12.Jul19603095
Mother's experience 20.Dec19603116Mother's experience 28.Jul19643426
Mother's experience 17.Mar19613173Mother's experience18.Sep19633361
Mother's experience & Sri Aurobindo's departure09.Jan19623220Mother's experience during reading30.Oct19613210
Mother's experience of THAT15.Nov19603113Mother's experience, how to remember dreams02.Jun19623253
Mother's heart troubles 05.May19653498Mother's House in Paris; Rue du Val de Grâce22.Oct19603107
Mother's is nearly erased05.Nov19603110Mother's Mantra11.May19633329
Mother's Mantras 16.Sep19583060Mother's message 31.Jan19643410
Mother's message for January16.Dec19613216Mother's night vision 23.Jul19603097
Mother's notice25.Jul19593083Mother's prophecy of England and Italy17.Dec19663641
Mother's strangling with Richard16.Oct19633366Mother's Vision from 190628.Jul19613197
Mother's vision of a bomb on Pondy20.Nov19623290Mother's work: helping people to leave their bodies24.Jun19613187
Mother’s Answer to a troubled Girl11.Feb19704016Mother’s Body 05.Apr19724294
Mother’s Body24.Feb19714127Mother’s body02.Mar19673662
Mother’s Body10.Sep19693967Mother’s Body04.Jul19704075
Mother’s Body12.Sep19704086Mother’s Body Conditions10.Feb1971 4125
Mother’s Body Progress17.Mar19714139Mother’s Difficulties27.Feb19714128
Mother’s Dream of a Child on the Roof16.Sep19704087Mother’s experience 09.Mar19683763
Mother’s experience 23.Nov19683806Mother’s Experience28.Mar19704035
Mother’s Experience25.Jul19704079Mother’s experiences with the old Gods02.Aug19613199
Mother’s Final Instructions 03.Apr19724291Mother’s healing right hand; Message13.Apr19663593
Mother’s instructions for a prolonged trance 14.Jan19673651Mother’s last Incarnation03.Mar19714136
Mother’s last Words19.May19734437Mother’s Leg16.Jan19714118
Mother’s letter to a disciple31.Jul19643427Mother’s Mantra19.Feb19653483
Mother’s Mantras 09.Jun19653505Mother’s Message 04.Dec19714228
Mother’s message 14.Dec19683811Mother’s message about her life in India27.Jan19683753
Mother’s message for January10.Nov19673733Mother’s Nervous System14.Apr19734433
Mother’s new experience28.Aug19683789Mother’s New Year Message01.Jan19714115
Mother’s Ordeal03.Dec19704110Mother’s reply on letters22.Jul19673696
Mother’s stories of past lives30.Jun19623260Mother’s Symbol 12.Jan19724254
Mother’s Vision with the Age of 1203.Jun19704063Mother’s Work15.Nov19724379
Movements of Evolution12.Nov19693984Muslims and Israel 20.Jun19673688
My Inner Being „That is me!“ 26.Apr19724303Nature‘s Transformation01.Dec19714227
New Consciousness09.Apr1969 3924New Consciousness10.Dec19693993
New experience of the body cells; Dolphins02.Jun19663604New Vital and Mental Activity 30.Sep19724360
New Year Message01.Jan19734400New Year MessageNoDate19643400
New Year Message01.Jan19724250New Year Message01.Jan19704000
New Year Message01.Jan19683750New Year Message01.Jan19573021
New Year's Message01.January3031Night after Night 31.Dec19603118
No dogmas and no founding a religion! 06.Mar19653488No need for Material Energy 26.Jul19724341
No Point in Complaining 10.Jun19724325No principles 14.Jun19653509
No Religion19.Mar19734422Nobel Peace PrizeNoDate19513001
Not Blaming Others10.Dec19693994Not Blaming Others13.Dec19693995
Not my body, THE BODY 06.Apr19633326Not repeating past mistakes02.Jun19613185
Nothing but pawns 03.Apr19683767Nothing in the World is useless 31.Jan19663584
Obeying only THAT 05.Aug19724348Occultism 16.Oct19714209
Old habits coming always back10.Oct19653538OM24.Dec19693998
On Aphorisms: 03629.Jul19673700On Aphorisms: 049 - Divine Love10. Jan19613140
On Aphorisms: 050 - Sins and Sinners12.Jan19613141On Aphorisms: 051 05.Sep19683795
On Aphorisms: 051 - Our Self-deception17.Jan19613142On Aphorisms: 053 - The Nectar of Immortality29.Jan19613146
On Aphorisms: 05511.Feb19613160On Aphorisms: 056 & 05811.Mar19613170
On Aphorisms: 057 17.Mar1961 3172On Aphorisms: 059 – About Religion29.Apr19613180
On Aphorisms: 060 12.May19613181On Aphorisms: 062 27.Jun19613188
On Aphorisms: 063-65 & 06807.Jul19613192On Aphorisms: 066 & the New World18.Jul19613195
On Aphorisms: 067-69 (virtue & sins)09.Jan19623221On Aphorisms: 070 21.Jan19623225
On Aphorisms: 071 (The whole Truth)03.Feb19623230On Aphorisms: 072 & dreams, visions27.Feb19623238
On Aphorisms: 073, 074, 076 & 07724.May19623249On Aphorisms: 07628.Aug19633358
On Aphorisms: 07611.Dec19714231On Aphorisms: 07603.Mar19623239
On Aphorisms: 07806.Oct19623278On Aphorisms: 079-80; Sri Aurobindo in the subtle World12.Oct19623280
On Aphorisms: 081-83 14.Jan19633312On Aphorisms: 084-8706.Mar19633319
On Aphorisms: 088-9215.May19633330On Aphorisms: 088-92 & Savitri B10C0227.Jan19623227
On Aphorisms: 09318.May19633332On Aphorisms: 09310.Aug19633353
On Aphorisms: 09417.Aug19633355On Aphorisms: 094 continues21.Aug19633356
On Aphorisms: 09504.Nov1963 3370On Aphorisms: 096-98 05.Feb19643411
On Aphorisms: 101-102 25.Mar19643419On Aphorisms: 103-10716.Sep19643439
On Aphorisms: 106; Learn how to wait 29.Aug19643437On Aphorisms: 108; About bringing down fever!12.Jan19653482
On Aphorisms: 109 03.Mar19653487On Aphorisms: 110 29.May1965 3502
On Aphorisms: 111 22.Sep19653534On Aphorisms: 111 25.Sep19653535
On Aphorisms: 113: Hatred25.Dec19653554On Aphorisms: 115-117 04.Mar19663588
On Aphorisms: 118-121 06.Jul19663611On Aphorisms: 118-121 09.Jul19663612
On Aphorisms: 122-12514.Sep19663624On Aphorisms: 126; Problems of transformation04.Mar19673663
On Aphorisms: 13504.Mar19704022On Aphorisms: 141 (The Lord’s lamb)31.Aug19633359
On Essays on the Gita 25.Aug19653530On Gentleman "Death", food & keeping quiet26.Nov19663639
On Hostile Forces 30.May19583044On LSD and cellular transformation15.Apr19673672
On past LivesNoDate19573029On suffering 25.Feb19583039
One Consciousness, One Will21.Sep19683794One must emerge from human consciousness08.Jun19683779
One Remedy against Falsehood11.Aug19714182Only the Divine Consciousness14.Aug19714183
Only the Divine knows15.Dec19714233Only the Divine Love can change things!12.Nov19603112
Only the Divine sees the Truth04.Apr19724292Only the relations have to change, nothing else!09.Jun19623255
Only the Union with the Divine03.Jan19714116Onslaught against the Mother after S.A. departed12.Dec19623295
Onslaught of Falsehood16.Jun19714164Our destiniesNoDate19573022
Our Notions of Good and Evil17.Febr19734416Our Old Believes24.Jun19724329
Our place in the universal manifestation10.Oct19583064Our Unconsciousness 11.Oct19724366
Our unconsciousness in the matter 18.Dec19653553Our Values are worthless24.Jan19734410
Outbreak of Chickenpox and Mumps30.Mar19734428Overmind and Supermind26.Sep19623276
Overmind, the Realm of the Gods 15.Apr19724297Overwhelming Power 18.Sep19714197
P. Richard’s death 15.Jul19673693Pakistan and America 18.Dec19714234
Particular states of consciousness; I was Buddha29.Oct19663633Past and Future Lives07.Nov19704102
Past lives in a tortured body 06.Sep19673718Pay Attention to the Divine 25.Dec19714237
Peace22.Feb19693910People don't understand!26.Feb19643413
People’s Behaviour17.Jul19714171People’s Falsehood 08.Jan19724253
Perfect Surrender & Mantra19.May1959 3081Perfection and Security27.Mar19633324
Perfectly peaceful, calm and translucent15.Mar19673665Perpetual Discomfort 06.Sep19724357
Personal and impersonal 20.Jul19683785Physical and Moral Violence18.Feb19734417
Physical Disorder 16.Oct19714208Physical education 27.Mar19683766
Physical life is not important but loss of consciousness 10.Dec19653552Physical Mind 22.Dec19714236
Physical Mind is gone!02.Feb19724265Physical miseries and Faith23.Mar19633323
Physical Vision11.Jan19714117Physical World is changing 27.May19724317
Pictures of Sri Aurobindo16.Oct19653541Plan of Auroville 23.Jun19653513
Plane of intellectual organization; Lord of Falsehood19.Mar19663590Plasticity of the New Body04.Apr19704042
Pondicherry hit by a cyclone26.Oct19633369Possessed by a Supramental Entity12.Sep19563018
Practicing Pranayama24.Feb19623237Prayer 29.Jul19563016
Prayer10.Aug19563017Prayer of the Body 30.Dec19724394
Prayer of the cells in the body22.Nov19673735Preparing for the Psychic Being08.Feb19734414
Presence of Ananda 28.Mar19704033Problems in the cells 08.Aug19583058
Prolongation of Life05.Sep19704084Prolongation of life at will 21.Apr19653495
Psychic Being 15.Sep19714196Pujas and Karma27.Nov19583074
Pure Love25.Sep19633362Questions regarding the subtle physical18.Jan19633313
Quotations of Sri Aurobindo28.Mar19704034Quote of Sri Aurobindo 04.Jun19593082
Rapture through awareness of the Divine24.Aug19633357Ray of Consciousness 14.Mar19523002
Receiving vibrations 04.Aug19623267Receptivity and the feeling of giving14.Dec1963 3378
Relax, relax...22.May19623248Religions02.Aug19693952
Remaining conscious when going to bed!25.Jun19663609Replacement for the Mantra18.Aug19714184
Representation of Countries15.May19714157Resistance to the Truth31.Jan19704010
Restless Kali28.Jan19643408Richard: The Lord of Falsehood05.Nov19613212
Right Living16.Aug19693956Rising of the Kundalini11.Jul19704076
Rules for Auroville? 06.Apr19683768Sadhana only without Ego11.Jan19673650
Salvation31.May19693942Satprem – Mother24.May19693939
Satprem and the Mother 26.Jul19693950Satprem's dream; Mother's Work on her Body11.Feb19613162
Satprem’s Books 07.Oct19704093Savitri26.Jul19693949
Savitri B01C04; Khrushchev, Chinese, Hitler14.Nov19643455Savitri B02C01: True Mantra10.Jul19633344
Savitri B02C0228.Nov19704105Savitri B02C0627.Nov19633374
Savitri B02C07 - The Yoga of Self-Perfection31.Dec1963 3381Savitri B02C07: The sardonic laugh of the Lord08.Jan19643402
Savitri B07C0429.Mar19643421Savitri B07C05-07: Experience of being the All08.May19653499
Savitri B07C06: Annul thyself that only God may be!13.Oct19653539Savitri B10C0224.Jan19623226
Savitri B10C03 12.Jun19653506Savitri B10C0314.Jun19653508
Savitri B10C03 - I don't believe in illnesses07.Jul19653517Savitri B10C03 – No more Death!08.Sep19653533
Savitri B10C03: Debate with Death; Earth significance28.Sep19633363Savitri B10C04 30.Nov19653549
Savitri B10C0419.Aug19663619Savitri B10C04 - Hitler’s disastrous influence30.Apr19663597
Savitri B10C04; The childishness in which we live26.Jan19663583Savitri B10C04; You choose to be that way!22.Jan19663582
Savitri B10C04: Debate of Love and Death27.Apr19663596Savitri B10C04: Debate of Love and Death14.May19663599
Savitri B10C04: Love and Death06.Jun19704065Savitri B10C04: New dialogue betw. Savitri & Death19.Feb1966 3586
Savitri B10C04: Separation of the 4 Emanations26.Feb19663587Savitri B10C04: The Debate with Death23.Nov19663638
Savitri B10C04: The plane of all human formations11.Feb19663585Savitri B11C01: When the hour of the Divine draws near26.Mar19663591
Savitri; Mother’s nightly work28.Dec19653555Sec. of Supramental Consciousness08.Nov19724377
Seeing the Receptivity 03.Mar19714134Seeing ugly faces!06.Jul19633343
Self-awareness30.Oct19683802Sense of Beauty is needed for this Yoga06.Jul19583052
Senses: eyes, ears, smell, taste02.Jun19653503Sex-vibrations 18.Jun19683781
Short Marvelous Moments14.May19734436Sleeping well! 15.Nov1965 3545
Snakes & other stories about Tlemcen04.Feb19613150Solar Eruptions 09.Aug19724350
Speaking about death 07.Sep19683792Speaking about TransformationAug19543006
Special born twists 20.Nov19633372Spelling Aurovillian25.Jul19704078
Spending the nights in someone else23.Apr19653496Spreading Madness31.Jul19714175
Sri Aurobindo 05.Aug19673711Sri Aurobindo17.May19693937
Sri Aurobindo about the Soul14.Feb19613163Sri Aurobindo about the Supramental24.Apr19663595
Sri Aurobindo about Truth12.Nov19693983Sri Aurobindo and the clocks31.Jul19643428
Sri Aurobindo and the subtle World06.Oct19593084Sri Aurobindo had been French and Savitri04.Jul19613190
Sri Aurobindo in the subtle physical18.Jun19653510Sri Aurobindo is only the future...05.Apr19673670
Sri Aurobindo is playing27.Oct19653542Sri Aurobindo on Supramental Life15.Aug19643434
Sri Aurobindo speaks of this Secret almost everywhere06.May19603088Sri Aurobindo wanted to go! 19.Oct19603106
Sri Aurobindo, a marvel of patience20.May19673680Sri Aurobindo: Fulfilling the Divine Will 08.Jan19663580
Sri Aurobindo's letter on the Descent of Love03.Oct19633364Sri Aurobindo‘s Centenary05.Jan19724252
Sri Aurobindo‘s Message27.Nov19714222Sri Aurobindo’s light19.Jan19663581
Sri Aurobindo’s message 24.Apr19683772Sri Aurobindo’s message17.Aug19663618
Sri Aurobindo’s Teaching23.Aug19693960State of prolonged trance18.Jan19673652
State of Receptive Surrender16.Oct19714207Stay Calm11.Apr19714146
Still Old Habits26.Apr19724302Stories when Mother was a young girl05.Aug19613201
Story about an abducted boy; Master of Everything25.Oct19603108Story of Jesus by Théon 18.Mar19643418
Story of Queen Elizabeth12.Sep19643438Straightening Her Back 20.Mar19563011
Stubbornness leads to Victory 28.Jan19603086Studying of all religions06.Nov19683803
Subconscious and illness15.Jun19683780Subtle Body09.Apr19693926
Subtle Physical; Sleep and Death05.Aug19613200Supramental - from Truth to Truth28.Feb19734418
Supramental Body30.Aug19693965Supramental Clarity02.Apr19724290
Supreme Consciousness16.Apr19693928Symbol of India; Bath in Divine Consciousness03.Feb19683755
Symbols 14.Jun19653507Symbols of the Yoga 30.Oct19673731
Taking medicine27.Jul19683786Talking about miracles 09.Mar19633320
Talking with Satprem about Caviar24.Mar19734424Tamasic stupidity; plenty of tamas19.Oct19633368
The Ananda of the power of progress07.Mar19643415The Asuras and the Titan26.Mar19593078
The Beings of the Vital World11.Mar19623241The Body31.May19693943
The body consciousness31.Jan19683754The Body is frightened25.Apr19734434
The Body last much longer12.Jan19633311The body learns to live30.Nov19683808
The body left the consciousness18.May19623247The body’s experience21.Dec19683812
The body’s knowledge29.Nov19673736The Body’s Mantra09.Sep19704085
The body’s tapasya 04.Dec19683809The Car of the World28.Jan19704007
The central experience of the transformation27.Nov19683807The central will and the cells10.Jul19683784
The Certitude of Ananda21.Dec19633380The collaboration of the vital02.Dec19643459
The comet 30.Oct1965 3543The Command and Will of the Lord 26.Apr19724304
The conscious Pressure08.Nov19693980The Consciousness must have sunk06.Dec19724388
The consciousness of a dead person on Earth09.Mar19663589The Consciousness of Harmony05.Jul19673690
The Consciousness under attack27.Jul19663613The consciousness within06.Jun19623254
The control center of the Lord of Falsehood17.Nov19623289The Creation as a whole19.Feb19633314
The Danger from China12.May19714156The danger of leaving the body20.Apr19633327
The death of death16.Mar19633321The difficulty of Mother's Work07.Aug19583057
The disbelief of the Mind13.Dec19603114The Divine and Mr. Ego09.Jun19714163
The Divine Consciousness20.Sep19673721The Divine deep within you11.Dec19683810
The Divine inside and outside01.May19714152The Divine is global vision07.Oct19563019
The Divine Love 22.Jul19643425The Divine Person beyond the impersonal04.Oct19583061
The Divine Realization; Doctor's diagnosis19.May19653501The Divine takes Care of my Body07.Oct19724365
The dryness of languages10.Sep19613205The Earth’s Subconscient 25.Oct19724369
The Experience of physical eternity16.May19603090The Experience of the Supreme04.Dec19623294
The feeling of a living death14.Oct19643447The first Asura 02.Aug19673705
The first Experience of 191006.Jun19583045The Flame of Aspiration03.Mar19714135
The Force at work06.May19673677The Force of Transformation20.Jun19704068
The Force passing into Mother’s Body20.Dec19724391The Foundation is Humility16.May19603089
The Freedom of the Body17.Oct19573024The fusion of division for the true consciousness16.Mar19683765
The God within30.Oct19623285The Gods of the Pantheon; Four Aspects of the Mother04.Jan19643401
The Golden Force 04.May1972 4310The Golden Force 06.May19724311
The Great Secret... 25.Feb19613168The guilty must be punished... 19.Nov19663637
The harm of mental force 03.Aug19633351The heat here never bothered Mother15.Jun19633337
The Hemisphere of Art and Music27.Oct19623282The higher it goes the lower...14.Nov19623288
The history of the Earth (Q&A 08.01.1951)13.Nov19633371The Horror of Death10.Jan19734404
The Horror of the subconscious World03.Nov19623286The Hymn of Truth 07.Dec19643461
The inner vibration of falsehood16.Oct19653540The joy of being 13.Mar19683764
The Joy of the Creation20.Dec19613217The knowledge of vibrations; being a monster28.Mar19643420
The limitation of human communication18.Jun19663608The Limitation of Languages27.Jan19613145
The Lord Presence07.Jun19724324The Lord's Love 10.Apr19653493
The Lord's Omnipotence11.Aug19643431The Lord's Secret12.May19613182
The Manifestation of the Supramental24.Apr19563014The Master of the Yoga 01.May19583041
The material Mental 30.Mar19663592The Matrimandir (Auroville)03.Jan19704001
The Meaning of Superman07.Jan19704004The memory of sounds and eyes10.May19673678
The Mental domain or subconcient19.Jun19633338The Mighty Spring at the bottom of Inconscience08.Nov19583069
The Mind18.Oct19693978The mind as instrument30.Aug19683790
The Most Precious Things12.Nov19693982The Mother & the problem of Inconsciousness25.Aug19543007
The Mother's SutraNoDate19573028The need of a new language; mediocrity & suppleness18.Feb19673660
The Need of Oneness17.Mar19714140The nerves remember 20.Feb19683760
The New Being24.Jun19673689The New Consciousness31.Mar19734429
The New Perception and Being03.Jan19704002The New World 20.Mar19653490
The old habits of the Body09.Jan19633310The Ordinary and Other State18.Oct19693979
The outwardly results of suffering28.Sep19663627The participation of all the body’s cells11.Aug19613202
The phases of a cold08.Feb19673657The Physical Experience of the Supreme's Presence04.Nov19643452
The pink clay boat29.Jun19633341The Power of Savitri23.Sep19613207
The power of the Supramental World15.Feb19583038The power to heal 12.Jul19673691
The Prestige of an Institution19.Jul19693946The Process of Consciousness 19.Apr19724300
The psychic memory 15.Jul19673694The region of harmonious forms; LSD18.May19663600
The region of white light12.Oct19663630The rotten OLD World 14.Jul19623263
The rungs of Love16.Apr19663594The Saint in a cave 14.Aug19623269
The Secret of Transformation? 13.Feb19623234The Sense of Science; Mother's protection17.Dec19663640
The sound "OM"; Your Mantra 23.Sep19643441The spirit of the form27.Feb19653486
The Standard of Time changes02.Dec19724387The state of consciousness of Oneness26.Oct19683801
The Subconscient is a Mire! 19.Jul19724339The subtle physical World 04.Sep19683791
The subtle World 06.Dec19673737The subtle World is more real!NoDate19583037
The Supramental Child 15.Apr19724299The Supreme and the Universal Mother 06.Feb19623232
The Supreme Love is manifesting13.Apr19623244The Supreme plays with Himself25.May19663602
The Supreme's action 31.Aug19663621The Tail of the Devil22.May19714159
The tall white Being; Mother's experience27.Jun19623259The tall, white, vital being23.Jun19623258
The taste for drama 14.Jun19673686The three images of total self-giving to the Divine:19.Oct19553008
The True Mechanism06.Jun19613186The true purpose of money; Government 10.Apr19683769
The True Thing17.Jan19704005The true vibration 29.Apr1967 3675
The true vibration 12.Nov19643454The truth about supporting Muslims 30.May19673683
The Truth and descending Power15.Nov19663636The Truth is on the march24.Jul19653522
The Truth-Power needs more response17.Jul19653520The Twelve Attributes 19.Jan19724256
The two kinds of opposites in Nature & Life30.Sep19613208The Two Opposites must be united21.Jan19704006
The universal box 28.Dec19683813The veins of Gold 14.Jul19653519
The Vibration of Harmony27.Apr19673674The vibrations of the world; Mother’s toothache24.Mar19653491
The West versus India28.Jun19693944The whole Story of Creation28.Jul19613196
The whole story of transformation28.Dec19623298The Why of Creation 30.Oct19714213
The wonder of existence25.Mar19673667The World has to change10.Jul19714170
The World in its Self-conceit17.Jul19714172The World is not ready yet!25.Sep19653536
The World is NOT ready! 04.Jul19623261The world of bad habits26.Jul19673697
The World of Delight 02.Oct19603102The World of Space and Time25.Apr19613179
The World’s Resistances07.Apr19734430The Yoga of Self-Perfection; First Realization11.Oct19603104
Their attitude towards THAT15.Oct19603105Théon and the Mother15.Apr19724298
Théon's religious theory15.Dec19623296There is no death 21.Oct19673729
This Body’s Life29.Apr19704049This wonderful Grace of the Supreme15.Jul19643423
Time sense is topsy-turvy23.Dec19724392Times of extremes and conflicts19.Oct19673728
Tlemcen: The Chinese revolution15.Jan19623224To be limpid!22.May19714158
To Conquer Death through Death29.Jul19724342To lead a spiritual Life07.Feb19613151
To live from minute to minute05.Oct19663629To prolong life at will!31.Dec19663643
Tolerance09.Aug19693953Total experience of identification06.Mar19623240
Total Indifference26.Apr19724301Transformation19.Mar19693915
Transformation of the material mind07.Aug19653527Transition isn‘t pleasant 17.May19724313
Transparency of the psychic being11.Sep19683793Tremendous Power 28.Aug19714187
True Aurovilian03.Jun19704062True Aurovilian06.Jun19704064
True Aurovilian10.Jun19704066True Aurovilians02.May19704054
True Divine Action 23.Oct19714211True Purity is non-ego 21.May19603091
True purpose of Life 22.Jan19643406True Sincerity09.Feb19724269
True Work20.Aug19693958Trust the Divine; He looks after you 18.Jun19724327
Truth24.Dec19663642Truth, Faith, Trust 22.May19683775
Turning against the Divine10.Nov19714218Two Formations02.Aug19724347
Two letter from Sri Aurobindo27.Jul19633349Under the Divine‘s Influence08.Jul19724336
Understanding29.Nov19693992Understanding Christian symbolismFeb19583040
Unity10.Mar19724281Uprising contraries09.Sep1967 3719
Ups and downs of life and body19.Dec19623297Vast majority of men are like prisoners!26.Nov19583073
Veda and Supramental Vision05.Nov19613213Victory 29.Sep19714199
Victory of Truth 18.Oct19724367Vision and Reaction23.May19704057
Vision of a cube 27.Nov19623291Vision of old Egyptian Occultism30.Oct19603109
Vision of Supramental Being01.Jul19704074Vital Beings attack 18.Feb19704017
Vital Force22.May19663601Vital Forces causing attacks22.Jan19613143
We know Nothing 26.Aug19643436We know nothing! 17.Oct19643448
We must be patient 23.Nov19653547We must face integral life29.May19683777
Wealth and Money 07.Sep19663623What Auroville represents03.Aug19683787
What is consciousness? 29.Jun19663610What is God?; All countries live in falsehood07.Jun19673685
What is the Divine? 24.May19673681What is the Divine? 13.Oct19714206
What makes us old!08.Nov19673732What will be the new form of creation?17.Apr19653494
What will happen in case of a new WW?17.Jun19673687What will the new body look like?30.Sep19663628
When the body becomes passive and quiet!07.Apr19613176White Peacock 22.Sep19714198
Why one dies 30.Jul19663614Why Sri Aurobindo left?Feb19513000
Widen Yourself21.Apr19593079Without speaking19.Oct19683799
Without the Divine No Existence 25.Nov19724381Without thoughts15.Jun19663607
Work27.Sep19693974Working out your own system05.Aug19643429
World Union and Auroville25.Oct19673730World Union and the real truth26.Aug19673716
Worship, Laziness and Harm07.Jan19704003Worshipping the Mother 31.Jul19653524
Written Note Jun19583047Written Note22.Jun19583048
Wrong laws and quotations 14.Oct19643446Yoga of sexuality 28.Jan19673655