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07.Apr1929Yoga: for the sake of the Divine07.Apr1929Concentration07.Apr1929Preparation for this Yoga
07.Apr1929Not for the sake of humanity07.Apr1929We met in previous lives 14.Apr1929Dangers of Yoga
14.Apr1929The two path: Tapasya and surrender14.Apr1929Impulses, desires and Yoga14.Apr1929Difficulties
14.Apr1929Unification around the psychic being14.Apr1929Ambitions of many Yogis 14.Apr1929Recognising the Divine Will
14.Apr1929Vital devotion 14.Apr1929Strong body and nerves 14.Apr1929Inner Being: invariable
21.Apr1929Visions: seeing and interpretation21.Apr1929Dreams and dreamland 21.Apr1929Dreamless sleep
21.Apr1929Meeting people in dreams 21.Apr1929False visions 21.Apr1929Jeanne d’Arc’s vision
21.Apr1929Discipline & willed action in Surrender21.Apr1929Passive Surrender 21.Apr1929Meditation and progress
21.Apr1929Entering the spiritual life28.Apr1929Offering: general and detailed 28.Apr1929Integral Yoga
28.Apr1929Changing this plane 28.Apr1929Remembrance of the Divine28.Apr1929Forget or lose touch with the Divine
28.Apr1929Reading and Yoga 28.Apr1929Necessity; predetermination28.Apr1929Miracles
28.Apr1929Freedom28.Apr1929Aim of Creation05.May1929Intellect: true and wrong movement
05.May1929Attack from adverse forces05.May1929Hostile Forces from outside or inside05.May1929Where is a line between inside & outside
05.May1929Faith: integral and absolute05.May1929Calamities and catastrophes05.May1929Descent of Divine Consciousness
05.May1929Memory of former lives 12.May1929Beings of the vital world (vampires)12.May1929Vital beings are fascinated by spirituality
12.May1929Money power and vital beings12.May1929One person’s will over another12.May1929Entry into the Vital World
12.May1929Body: a protection 12.May1929Individuality and the Vital World19.May1929Mind and its workings; thought-forms
19.May1929Adverse conditions and Yoga19.May1929Attacks by hostile forces from outside19.May1929Illnesses and Yoga
19.May1929Medicine, sanitation and Yoga19.May1929Suggestions, fear and fearlessness26.May1929Individual; illusion of separateness
26.May1929Hostile forces and the mental plane26.May1929Psychic world; psychic being26.May1929Spiritual and psychic
26.May1929Words: understand speech & reading26.May1929Disappearance of hostile forces26.May1929Illusion of actions
02.Jun1929Divine Love and its manifestation02.Jun1929Part of the vital being in Divine love09.Jun1929Nature of religion
09.Jun1929Religion and the spiritual life09.Jun1929Descent of Divine Truth and Force09.Jun1929Religion, country, family
09.Jun1929Religion and numbers 16.Jun1929Illness and Yoga 16.Jun1929Subtle body (nervous envelope)
16.Jun1929Fear and illness 23.Jun1929Knowledge of the Yogi 23.Jun1929Knowledge and the Supermind
23.Jun1929Supramental and mental things23.Jun1929Changing the condition of the body23.Jun1929Unshakable Faith
23.Jun1929Meditation; aspiration; sincerity30.Jun1929Repulsion comes from fear30.Jun1929Source of evil; Formateurs
30.Jun1929Material world 28.Jul1929Art of Yoga28.Jul1929Yoga and Life
28.Jul1929Music and Dance 28.Jul1929World of Harmony 04.Aug1929Surrender and sacrifice
04.Aug1929Desire and Passion 04.Aug1929Personality and surrender04.Aug1929Spirituality and Morality
1930-31The Ordinary Life and the True Soul1930-31Surrender, Self-offering, Consecration1930-31Renunciation
1930-31Aspiration in the Physical (Divine’s Love)1930-31Aspiration in Plants 1930-31Union with the Divine Consciousness & Will
1930-31Endurance; the Vital’s Hunger for Praise1930-31Signs of the Converted Vital 1930-31Victory over Falsehood
1930-31Difficulties in Yoga1930-31Vital conversion; rebirth & personal survival1930-31Resurrection
1930-31Reincarnation – Memory of Past Lives1930-31Psychic Presence & Psychic Being 1930-31Real Origin of Race Superiority
1930-31Faith1930-31Power of Right Attitude 1930-31Power of Imagination
1930-31Selfless Admiration 1930-31Stepping Back1930-31Knowledge of the Scientist & the Yogi
1930-31Chance1930-31Different Kinds of Space and Time1930-31Fearlessness on the Vital Plane
1930-31Knowledge by Unity with the Divine1930-31The Divine Will in the World 1930-31Supermind and Overmind
1930-31True Humility – Spiritual Rebirth1930-31Supramental Plasticity1930-31Spiritual Rebirth
1930-31The Supramental Realisation 1930-31The Supramental Descent21.Dec1950The Mother of Dreams
21.Dec1950Acting without preference & desire21.Dec1950Knowing the Divine Will21.Dec1950The teacher’s mission
23.Dec1950Concentration and energy25.Dec1950Christmas: festival of Light25.Dec1950Energy and mental growth
25.Dec1950Purely physical material life25.Dec1950Meditation and concentration25.Dec1950The Mother of Dreams
25.Dec1950Keeping the energy 28.Dec1950Correct judgment 30.Dec1950Perfection and progress
30.Dec1950Dynamic equilibrium 30.Dec1950True Sincerity 04.Jan1951Transformation & reversal of consciousness
08.Jan1951True vision & understanding of the world08.Jan1951Progress, equilibrium08.Jan1951Inner reality; the psychic
08.Jan1951Animals and the psychic11.Jan1951Modesty and vanity13.Jan1951Aim of life; effort and joy
13.Jan1951Science of living; becoming conscious13.Jan1951Forces and influences15.Jan1951Sincerity; inner discernment & light
15.Jan1951Evil and imbalance15.Jan1951Consciousness & Instruments20.Jan1951Developing the mind
20.Jan1951Misfortunes, suffering; developed reason20.Jan1951Knowledge and pure ideas25.Jan1951Needs and desires
25.Jan1951Collaboration of the vital; mind an accomplice25.Jan1951Progress & sincerity; recognising faults25.Jan1951Organising body; illness;harmony;
27.Jan1951Sleep; desires; repression; subconscient27.Jan1951Dreams; superconscient solving problems27.Jan1951Ladder of being; samadhi
27.Jan1951Phases of sleep; silence, true rest27.Jan1951Vital body and illness03.Feb1951What is Yoga? For what?
03.Feb1951Aspiration; seeking the Divine03.Feb1951How we came all together?05.Feb1951Surrender and tapasya
05.Feb1951Difficulties; sincerity; spiritual discipline05.Feb1951Hiding from contagious Humanity05.Feb1951Don’t narrate experiences
05.Feb1951Vital impulse & will for progress08.Feb1951Unifying the being; ideas of good & bad08.Feb1951Miracles; determinism; Supreme Will
08.Feb1951Distinguishing the voice of the Divine10.Feb1951Liberty & license; surrender makes you free10.Feb1951Human representatives of the divine Truth
10.Feb1951Work as offering; total surrender needs time10.Feb1951Effort & inspiration; will & patience12.Feb1951Receiving the divine force
12.Feb1951Signs indicating readiness for the path12.Feb1951Weakness in mind and vital12.Feb1951Intense concentration for breaking through
12.Feb1951Divine perception & human notion: good & bad12.Feb1951Conversion & consecration; progress12.Feb1951Enter the spiritual path; different meditation
12.Feb1951Mounting aspiration & concentration15.Feb1951Dreams, symbolic; true repose15.Feb1951Recognising people in dreams
15.Feb1951False visions15.Feb1951Earth-memory and history17.Feb1951False visions
17.Feb1951Offering one’s will 17.Feb1951Equilibrium; progress; maturity17.Feb1951Ardent self-giving: perfecting the instrument
17.Feb1951Difficulties, help in total realisation; paradoxes17.Feb1951Sincerity; spontaneous meditation19.Feb1951Clairvoyance; fainting; sleepwalking
19.Feb1951Nightmares; guru’s protection19.Feb1951Psychic being; Mind & vital during sleep 22.Feb1951Surrender, offering, consecration
22.Feb1951Experiences and sincerity22.Feb1951Aspiration & desire; Vedic hymns22.Feb1951Meaning of psychic being & soul
22.Feb1951Concentration and time24.Feb1951Psychic being & entity; dimension 24.Feb1951Psychic being in the atom?
24.Feb1951Death; exteriorisation; unconsciousness24.Feb1951Past lives; psychic: only upon earth24.Feb1951Psychic’s choice of birth
24.Feb1951Consecrate to divine Work; psychic memories24.Feb1951Individualisation; psychic for progress26.Feb1951On reading books; gossip
26.Feb1951Discipline and realisation26.Feb1951Imaginary stories; ordinary books26.Feb1951Life of the Elite
26.Feb1951Repeating one’s faults 26.Feb1951Understanding others; gnostic consciousness01.Mar1951Universe & the Divine; Freedom; Grace
01.Mar1951Time and Creation: in the Supermind01.Mar1951Work and its results 01.Mar1951The psychic being; beauty & love
01.Mar1951Flowers: beauty and significance 01.Mar1951Choice of reincarnating psychic being03.Mar1951Hostile forces; difficulties
03.Mar1951Individuality and form; creation05.Mar1951 Disasters: the forces of Nature05.Mar1951Liberation and law
05.Mar1951Dealing with the mind & vital: methods08.Mar1951Silencing the mind; changing the nature08.Mar1951Reincarnation: choice
08.Mar1951Higher beings;Incarnation: gods & vital beings08.Mar1951The Lord of Falsehood; Hitler08.Mar1951Possession and madness
10.Mar1951Fairy tales: serpent guarding treasure 10.Mar1951Vital beings: their incarnations10.Mar1951The vital being after death
10.Mar1951Nightmares: vital and mental10.Mar1951Mind and vital after death10.Mar1951The spirit of the form: Egyptian mummies
12.Mar1951Mental forms; learning difficult subjects12.Mar1951Mental fortress 12.Mar1951Mental fortress
12.Mar1951About thoughts 12.Mar1951Training the mind 12.Mar1951Vital being after death; ceremonies
14.Mar1951Plasticity 14.Mar1951Conditions for knowing the Divine Will14.Mar1951Illness; microbes
14.Mar1951Theories of Creation 14.Mar1951Fear; body-reflexes 14.Mar1951True knowledge; a work to do
17.Mar1951The universe: eternally new & same17.Mar1951Pralaya 17.Mar1951Light & thought; new consciousness & forces
17.Mar1951 Exp. universe; inexpressible experiences17.Mar1951Vibrations of Light; new force; atmospheres19.Mar1951Mental worlds & their beings
19.Mar1951Understanding in silence19.Mar1951Psychic world: its characteristics19.Mar1951True experience; mental formation; 12 senses
22.Mar1951Relativity: time22.Mar1951Consciousness; psychic Witness22.Mar1951 The twelve senses; water-divining
22.Mar1951Instinct in animals; story of Mother’s cat24.Mar1951Descent of divine Love, of Consciousness 24.Mar1951Earth: a symbolic formation
24.Mar1951The psychic being & other worlds 24.Mar1951Divine Love and Grace 24.Mar1951Becoming conscious of divine Love
24.Mar1951Finding one’s psychic being24.Mar1951Responsibility 26.Mar1951Losing all to gain all; psychic being
26.Mar1951Transforming the Vital, physical habits26.Mar1951Difficulties, weaknesses, insincerity26.Mar1951The mirror reflecting the Supreme
26.Mar1951Flash of experience 29.Mar1951About Religions29.Mar1951The Great Vehicle & the Little Vehicle
29.Mar1951Choosing one’s family, country29.Mar1951The Vital being distorted; atavism29.Mar1951Sincerity; changing one’s character
31.Mar1951Physical ailment & mental disorder31.Mar1951Curing an illness spiritually31.Mar1951Receptivity of the body
31.Mar1951The subtle-physical: illness, accidents31.Mar1951Curing sunstroke & other disorders02.Apr1951Causes of accidents
02.Apr1951Little entities, incidents05.Apr1951Illusion and interest in action05.Apr1951Action of the divine Grace & the ego
05.Apr1951Concentration, aspiration, inner silence05.Apr1951Value of a story or a “language”05.Apr1951Truth; diversity in the world
07.Apr1951Origin of evil07.Apr1951The cause of misery09.Apr1951Modern art
09.Apr1951Art and war in Europe 09.Apr1951Mankind forgets; danger of new war12.Apr1951Japanese art and Japan
12.Apr1951Culture: its spiral movement12.Apr1951Indian & European: the spiritual life 12.Apr1951Art and Truth
14.Apr1951Surrender; sacrifice; martyrdom14.Apr1951Sleep: forgetfulness, exteriorisation14.Apr1951Dreams and visions: explanations
14.Apr1951Exteriorisation: incidents about cats17.Apr1951Unity and diversity 17.Apr1951Protective envelope; desire; consciousness
17.Apr1951Physical perfection 17.Apr1951Multiplicity and the One 17.Apr1951World War 3: end of civilisation
19.Apr1951Demands and needs; human nature19.Apr1951Abolishing the ego 19.Apr1951Food: tamas, consecration
19.Apr1951Changing the nature: vital & mind19.Apr1951The yoga of the body; cellular consciousness21.Apr1951Conditions for doing yoga
21.Apr1951Aspiration, tapasya, surrender21.Apr1951The lower vital; old habits; obsession21.Apr1951When is surrender total or not
21.Apr1951Choice and the double life21.Apr1951Old fiasco; inner realisation & outer change23.Apr1951The goal and the way
23.Apr1951Learning how to sleep; relaxation23.Apr1951Adverse forces: test of sincerity23.Apr1951Attitude to suffering and death
26.Apr1951Irrevocable transformation26.Apr1951The divine Shakti; glad submission26.Apr1951Rejection, integral
26.Apr1951Consecration; total self-forgetfulness; work28.Apr1951Personal effort; tamas, laziness28.Apr1951Physical consciousness and nature
28.Apr1951Static and dynamic power28.Apr1951Stupidity; psychic and intelligence28.Apr1951Philosophy: different “languages”; theories
28.Apr1951Surrender of one’s being & one’s work03.May1951Money & its use for the divine work; problems 03.May1951Mastering desire: indiv. & collective change
05.May1951 Needs and desires05.May1951Discernment; sincerity & true perception05.May1951Mantra and its effects
05.May1951Object in action: to serve; Only the Divine07.May1951What is hierarchy? 07.May1951Transcendent, universal, individual Divine
07.May1951The Supreme Shakti & Creation11.May1951Mahakali and Kali 11.May1951Avatar and Vibhuti
11.May1951Sachchidananda behind all states of being11.May1951The power of will; the divine Will12.May1951Mahalakshmi and beauty in life
12.May1951Mahasaraswati; conscious hand12.May1951Riches and poverty 14.May1951Chance; the play of forces
14.May1951Peace, given and lost 14.May1951Abolishing the ego18.Mar1953Contact with the psychic being
18.Mar1953Why people meet to collaborate 25.Mar1953Using the Divine as a cloak to hide desires25.Mar1953Sincerity: difficult but effective
25.Mar1953The true flame 01.Apr1953Ambition: a canker01.Apr1953Different personalities in our being
01.Apr1953Psychic mirror08.Apr1953Service to humanity & giving to the Divine08.Apr1953Desires and their formations
08.Apr1953The power of thought, of prayer 08.Apr1953Win your small victories15.Apr1953Pulling the divine forces
15.Apr1953Insincerity, its own punishment15.Apr1953Basis of equanimity22.Apr1953Sleep & dreams: quietening the mind
29.Apr1953About Dreams29.Apr1953Personal dream-imagery 29.Apr1953True scientist
29.Apr1953Religions, truth, consciousness06.May1953Psychic memory06.May1953Rebirth: stories
06.May1953Forgetting dreams etc. 06.May1953Contact with the Divine: the key to everything13.May1953Pseudo-meditation
13.May1953Escapism and changing the nature13.May1953True meditation, true humility13.May1953Will, concentration, effort; active surrender
13.May1953Being perfect instruments; progress13.May1953 Boredom 20.May1953Offering and surrender
20.May1953Mistakes and insincerity 20.May1953Feeling the Divine; Aspiration20.May1953Transformation of the body
20.May1953Collaboration in the Divine’s work20.May1953Living in the true consciousness 20.May1953Talk of Sri Aurobindo with a scientist
27.May1953Music: origin, inspiration, technique27.May1953Manifestation, ugliness and remedy27.May1953Indian and European music
27.May1953Perceiving the Divine in everything27.May1953Universe: The Divine is the only existence27.May1953Changing one’s activity
03.Jun1953Determination and freedom03.Jun1953Formations from different planes03.Jun1953Devices Nature uses to make us act
03.Jun1953The Divine Grace and Karma10.Jun1953Attack of adverse forces 10.Jun1953Man will transform his Earth
10.Jun1953True function of the mind and vital10.Jun1953True concentration and learning17.Jun1953Function of the intellect
17.Jun1953Cause of death; growth of perfection24.Jun1953Power of the vital 24.Jun1953Cause and cure of fear
24.Jun1953Laziness; work; concentration24.Jun1953Cause and cure of illness24.Jun1953Science and art
01.Jul1953Paradise, purgatory, eternal hell01.Jul1953Power of good formations; healing01.Jul1953After death, where? Unifying the being
01.Jul1953Spirits of death and of fire01.Jul1953Consenting to die 08.Jul1953Prayer and aspiration
08.Jul1953Cause and remedy of evil 08.Jul1953 Insects, animals, Consciousness of Nature08.Jul1953Instinct; Widening the consciousness
15.Jul1953Superstitions; religious rules15.Jul1953Attack of adverse forces 15.Jul1953Sincere aspiration; Divine: mental conception
15.Jul1953Money: Adverse forces vs. Divine work15.Jul1953God and His creation 22.Jul1953Protection prevents illnesses, accidents
22.Jul1953Fear: cause of illnesses, accidents etc.22.Jul1953Fear: mental, vital, physical22.Jul1953Illness: test in the Yoga?
22.Jul1953Illness through microbes in water?22.Jul1953Causes of illness and curing22.Jul1953Reason of epidemic in Japan
22.Jul1953Curing illness22.Jul1953Spiritual purification 22.Jul1953Always ill in ordinary life!
29.Jul1953Events on different planes; India is free29.Jul1953Events can be changed; dream of a lift-boy 29.Jul1953To understand truly; Individual initiative
29.Jul1953Project & observe yourself on a white screen 29.Jul1953Know thyself; learning, self-discovery29.Jul1953The reason of existence
05.Aug1953Inspiration; receptivity; exchange05.Aug1953Progress of the psychic being; rebirth05.Aug1953Progress of mind, vital, physical
05.Aug1953Mind justifies everything; the psychic knows05.Aug1953Will and impulse 05.Aug1953Incarnation; psychic growth; Karma
12.Aug1953Self-identification; knowledge; concentration12.Aug1953Widening the consciousness; progress12.Aug1953Self-identification; Paris theatre story
12.Aug1953Knowing the Divine by identification12.Aug1953In Nature all possibilities exist19.Aug1953Aspiration in trees and animals
19.Aug1953Divine Love & accumulating Forces19.Aug1953Giving instead of taking19.Aug1953Instinct of evilness; being a true hero
26.Aug1953Source of Love; true love & it’s deformation26.Aug1953Animal’s love for men 26.Aug1953Intelligence & psychic consciousness
26.Aug1953Love in flowers, crystals, animals02.Sep1953Religion; spiritual life; castes 02.Sep1953Evolutionary movement; old civilisations
02.Sep1953Nature’s play; her collaboration required09.Sep1953Divine Force chooses its instrument09.Sep1953Progress of the mind and vital
09.Sep1953Contact with the psychic; heroes09.Sep1953The vital, an all-powerful instrument09.Sep1953Vital: depression, troubles, power
16.Sep1953Receptivity of the body; fixity16.Sep1953After death: a musician’s hands16.Sep1953The psychic being and rebirth
16.Sep1953Progress and battle; Titanic forces16.Sep1953Yogic force prevents rigidity of the body16.Sep1953Growth of consciousness: rebirth
16.Sep1953Consciousness and memory16.Sep1953Resistance and receptivity23.Sep1953Physical world: symbol of universal movements
23.Sep1953Illness in animals 23.Sep1953The earth: symbol of the universe23.Sep1953The “Evil Persona”
23.Sep1953Mother’s experience of the luminous earth30.Sep1953Earth-memory 30.Sep1953The rule of the Overmind & Supermind
30.Sep1953Sri Aurobindo’s yoga begins where others end30.Sep1953Men like Vivekananda often fixed & unplastic30.Sep1953Advantage of being like a child
30.Sep1953Remembrance and memory07.Oct1953Consciousness of a complete cure07.Oct1953Mental, vital, physical, spiritual aspiration
07.Oct1953Body: consciousness; instinct07.Oct1953Trust in life; Dynamic Faith07.Oct1953Knowing someone: governments; teachers
07.Oct1953Supermind’s action: transformation07.Oct1953To know oneself: one’s field of work 07.Oct1953Solidarity; individual & collective progress
07.Oct1953Descent of hostile vital forces & its effect14.Oct1953“Formateurs” or form-makers14.Oct1953Evil & disorder, why if “All is He”?
14.Oct1953Fear; fear of death; immortality14.Oct1953How to know being capable of doing a work21.Oct1953Artists and Divine influence
21.Oct1953Relation with the Divine21.Oct1953Buddhism of the South & North21.Oct1953Truth of Ramayana & Mahabharata
21.Oct1953To know true beauty rise above all form28.Oct1953Universal progress; spherical spirals28.Oct1953True art; Divine beauty; commercialism
28.Oct1953Mushroom species; Art in India 28.Oct1953Nature’s huge cauldron04.Nov1953Sacrifice
04.Nov1953Feeling the Divine Presence04.Nov1953Man is a moralist, not the Divine04.Nov1953Bargaining and sacrifice
04.Nov1953Proud person can have great aspiration04.Nov1953True raison d’être of life11.Nov1953The aim to be achieved
11.Nov1953The seventh creation: that of Equilibrium11.Nov1953The eternal word 11.Nov1953The Kingdom of God
11.Nov1953Generosity and avarice11.Nov1953Money: a force; the middle path18.Nov1953Rebirth & the psychic being
18.Nov1953Nature’s progress: constant & slow changes18.Nov1953Justice, determinism & Divine Grace18.Nov1953Man learns through past experiments
18.Nov1953Grace and faith 18.Nov1953The idea of indispensable needs25.Nov1953Smiling at an enemy
25.Nov1953Trust & receptivity; bargaining25.Nov1953Sincerity & the Divine’s help25.Nov1953The story of creation
25.Nov1953World of freedom of choice25.Nov1953The Asuras; their conversion25.Nov1953Stalin and Hitler
25.Nov1953Ravana; dissolution of the Asuras 25.Nov1953Another consciousness of the four emanations?09.Dec1953Spiritual ego
09.Dec1953Entities behind the forces of Nature09.Dec1953Radha’s prayer; all is divine09.Dec1953Suffering & bliss; vibrations & reactions
09.Dec1953One is surrounded by what one thinks about09.Dec1953Savitri: The Mother of Sorrows16.Dec1953Identification & self-finding
16.Dec1953Aim of life16.Dec1953The psychic guides, organises circumstances16.Dec1953Rest in action; quiet faith
16.Dec1953Knowing how to wait 23.Dec1953Knowledge and the mind23.Dec1953Concentration; its power
23.Dec1953Uneducated people with gift of vision23.Dec1953Illness: disequilibrium23.Dec1953Mind & body; mental formations that cure
23.Dec1953Accidents: there is a moment of choice23.Dec1953Character and averting danger23.Dec1953Grace and accidents
23.Dec1953Bringers of bad luck 30.Dec1953Destructiveness in children30.Dec1953Psychic being choosing its next birth
30.Dec1953Wickedness in children30.Dec1953Tamas & the need of excitement27.Jan1954Body formation is not a character
27.Jan1954Accidents and Illness 27.Jan1954The Power of observation03.Feb1954Vital education: Senses & super-senses
03.Feb1954Children’s development03.Feb1954Keeping things in order03.Feb1954The Shadow
10.Feb1954Study a variety of subjects10.Feb1954Memory and of past lives10.Feb1954Getting rid of unpleasant thoughts
17.Feb1954Not the psychic hides 17.Feb1954Experience expressed in different ways17.Feb1954Origin of the psychic being
17.Feb1954Personal ambitions: Sport etc.17.Feb1954Everything is not the best24.Feb1954The manifestation is progressive
24.Feb1954Depression24.Feb1954Psychic contact 24.Feb1954Liberation and Humanity
24.Feb1954ABC of the transformation of the body03.Mar1954Occultism03.Mar1954A French scientist’s experiment
10.Mar1954Fear of death10.Mar1954Death and Determinism 10.Mar1954Fear
10.Mar1954The Domain of death 10.Mar1954Stones falling on Aurobindo’s house17.Mar1954Ascetic practices
17.Mar1954A calm and grateful submission17.Mar1954The Kali of Virampatnam 17.Mar1954Black Kali
24.Mar1954Dreams & the condition of the stomach24.Mar1954Tobacco and alcohol24.Mar1954Nervousness
24.Mar1954The centres and Kundalini24.Mar1954The control of the senses31.Mar1954Three sources of vital energy
31.Mar1954Educating the senses 31.Mar1954Organ’s failure07.Apr1954The Gnostic realms
07.Apr1954Communication without words07.Apr1954Uneven progress07.Apr1954The idea and the word
14.Apr1954Love14.Apr1954Love is only Divine, not to a human14.Apr1954This World: a deformation of the Divine
14.Apr1954Parental Love21.Apr1954Physical Transformation 21.Apr1954Activity and Passivity
21.Apr1954The body: most capable of perfection28.Apr1954Aspiration and receptivity08.Apr1954Resistance
28.Apr1954On what does receptivity depend?28.Apr1954Self-satisfied: is aspiration still possible?28.Apr1954Purusha & Prakriti: not male & female
05.May1954Faith, Trust, Belief, Confidence05.May1954Insincerity and Unconsciousness12.May1954Purusha and Prakriti
12.May1954Surrender12.May1954Distinguishing between influences12.May1954Perfect Sincerity
19.May1954Affection and Love 19.May1954Psychic Vision 19.May1954Divine Love and receptivity
19.May1954Out of Ego19.May1954One tries to feel... 19.May1954The Will in the Heart
19.May1954Preventing the mind of intervening26.May1954Symbolic Dreams 26.May1954Psychic Sorrow
26.May1954Sincerely want to be healed26.May1954Dreams: one is rarely conscious02.Jun1954Learning how to live
02.Jun1954Work, studies and Sadhana02.Jun1954Studying for the Divine 02.Jun1954Waste of Energy & Consciousness
09.Jun1954Dreams do not transform the Nature09.Jun1954The Earth and the Psychic Being09.Jun1954Mother’s awareness of people
16.Jun1954Influences: Divine and others16.Jun1954Adverse Forces16.Jun1954No Transformation ends in Pralaya
16.Jun1954The Four Asuras16.Jun1954Aspiration arranges circumstances16.Jun1954Wanting the Divine
16.Jun1954All kinds of imperfections 23.Jun1954Meat, eggs, vegetables 23.Jun1954Sage: torturing their bodies
23.Jun1954Dogs and faithfulness 23.Jun1954Conscious Sleep30.Jun1954Occultism
30.Jun1954Religion and Vital beings30.Jun1954Asking Mother questions 30.Jun1954Drawing on Mother
07.Jul1954The Inner Warrior 07.Jul1954The Grace and Falsehood 07.Jul1954Opening from below
07.Jul1954Surrender and inertia 07.Jul1954Inert passivity 07.Jul1954Making our submission gladly
07.Jul1954Inert automation 07.Jul1954Exclusive receptivity 07.Jul1954Help for the sinner?
07.Jul1954Grace and receptivity 14.Jul1954Surrendering every plane of consciousness14.Jul1954Activity of the lower Nature
14.Jul1954Afraid of telling the truth14.Jul1954Tamasic Surrender 14.Jul1954Useless talking and reflection
14.Jul1954Doubts about the Truth 14.Jul1954The Divine is the sadhana 14.Jul1954Personal effort
14.Jul1954Self-giving, consecration, surrender, offering14.Jul1954Stones and receptivity 14.Jul1954Mother’s use of flowers
14.Jul1954Ornaments and protection 21.Jul1954A candid Faith21.Jul1954Mistakes
21.Jul1954Egoistic Faith21.Jul1954Receiving the Divine Force without sincerity21.Jul1954Divine Shakti versus Asuras
21.Jul1954Mental arrogance21.Jul1954Difficulties turned into opportunities 21.Jul1954Mother’s use of flowers
21.Jul1954Transformation of stars21.Jul1954Governed by adverse forces28.Jul1954Money
28.Jul1954Ego and individuality 28.Jul1954The shadow04.Aug1954Servant and worker
04.Aug1954Self-love04.Aug1954Dynamic identification 04.Aug1954Justification of weakness
04.Aug1954The Play of the Divine 04.Aug1954Study of sport for the Divine?04.Aug1954Why we are here in the Ashram?
11.Aug1954Division and creation 11.Aug1954Vibhuti11.Aug1954The triple World of Ignorance
11.Aug1954The Gods and human formations11.Aug1954Human thoughts creating forms11.Aug1954People carry their desires around them
11.Aug1954The entities fear the Mother18.Aug1954Mahalakshmi18.Aug1954Maheshwari
18.Aug1954Mahasaraswati18.Aug1954Mahakali18.Aug1954Independence of the four Mothers?
18.Aug1954Aspiration of the Supreme Consciousness18.Aug1954Grace18.Aug1954Is the Divine disgust?
18.Aug1954What is human suffering for the Divine?18.Aug1954Is there no free-will? 18.Aug1954Knowledge
25.Aug1954Ananda aspect of the Mother25.Aug1954Wasting time with all Ashram people25.Aug1954Change of strictness in the Ashram
25.Aug1954The Symbol of the Gita 25.Aug1954To become plastic to Mother’s touch 25.Aug1954Renounce pleasure
25.Aug1954Mother’s body08.Sep1954Hostile Forces08.Sep1954Substance of the different beings
08.Sep1954All kind of thoughts during concentration08.Sep1954Changing the center of thought08.Sep1954Peace and Silence
15.Sep1954Parts of the Being 15.Sep1954Thoughts and impulses15.Sep1954Physical and mechanical mind
15.Sep1954Thoughts & ideas in the mental world15.Sep1954The Subconscient 15.Sep1954Having silence without peace
15.Sep1954Quietude and calm 15.Sep1954Grace with gratitude15.Sep1954Grace and difficulties
15.Sep1954Number of blows 15.Sep1954Mahakali’s blows 15.Sep1954Aspiring for blows?
22.Sep1954Sat-Purusha22.Sep1954Supramental Creation 22.Sep1954Rajasic eagerness
22.Sep1954Keeping one’s consciousness high22.Sep1954Silence from above 22.Sep1954Aspiration and rejection
22.Sep1954Effort, individuality and ego22.Sep1954Nothing than waiting?22.Sep1954Individuality; a few conscious beings
22.Sep1954Identification with the psychic22.Sep1954Why are we attached to our ego?22.Sep1954Aspiration and desire
29.Sep1954Pushing away wrong movements29.Sep1954The right Spirit 29.Sep1954The Divine comes always first
29.Sep1954Finding the Divine 29.Sep1954Mistakes; Rejecting impulses29.Sep1954Making the consciousness vast
29.Sep1954Firm resolution 06.Oct1954Faith06.Oct1954Blaming oneself
06.Oct1954Experiences06.Oct1954The vital desire-soul 06.Oct1954 Creating a spiritual atmosphere
06.Oct1954Thought and Truth 13.Oct1954The witness position 13.Oct1954Silent Self
13.Oct1954Experience of all is Divine13.Oct1954In contact with one’s psychic being...13.Oct1954Illness is remembered by the body
13.Oct1954Personal conflicts and the Divine Will20.Oct1954Disorder of the Vital 20.Oct1954Seeing images in meditation
20.Oct1954Suffering: does artistic creation help?20.Oct1954Destiny03.Nov1954Many kinds of openings
03.Nov1954Why to concentrate in the heart03.Nov1954Cut the knot of the Ego03.Nov1954Strengthen one‘s own will
03.Nov1954Different aspirations03.Nov1954 Where is the psychic being? 10.Nov1954After inner victory comes outer conquest
10.Nov1954Keep yourself open to the Force10.Nov1954Faith through aspiration10.Nov1954The twelve petals and aspects
10.Nov1954Psychic poise and being10.Nov1954Making the Mind and Vital a clear field10.Nov1954Meaning of sincerity
10.Nov1954Conscious of the Divine Force17.Nov1954The personal and impersonal Divine17.Nov1954Looking at oneself
17.Nov1954To open oneself to the Divine influence17.Nov1954Faith and trust 17.Nov1954Abhimana (Self-pity)
17.Nov1954Physical sufferings 24.Nov1954Aspiration mixed with desire24.Nov1954Inner Tapasya
24.Nov1954Willing and desiring 24.Nov1954Children and desire 24.Nov1954Supermind & higher ranges of mind
24.Nov1954Stages in the supramental manifestation08.Dec1954The psychic Surrender in the physical08.Dec1954Cosmic Consciousness
08.Dec1954No snatching and clutching at realisation08.Dec1954The central will of the being08.Dec1954Plane and manifestation of intuition
15.Dec1954Many witnesses inside oneself15.Dec1954Children in the Ashram15.Dec1954Trance and the waking consciousness
15.Dec1954Ascetic methods 15.Dec1954Education: spontaneous effort15.Dec1954Spiritual experience
22.Dec1954Possession by hostile forces22.Dec1954How converting hostile forces?22.Dec1954Mental imbalance
22.Dec1954Purity and morality 22.Dec1954Faith in final success22.Dec1954Drawing back from the path
29.Dec1954Difficulties and the world29.Dec1954Experience the psychic being wants29.Dec1954After Death; Ignorance
31.Dec1954Is human will against the Divine Will?31.Dec1954Finally the victory is certain31.Dec1954How to change into the Divine Will
31.Dec1954Difficulties and the Divine05.Jan1955Attachment of the outer Nature05.Jan1955Hostile Forces try delaying transformation
05.Jan1955Coue’s Auto-suggestion05.Jan1955Resistance increase difficulties12.Jan1955Right Spirit to face difficulties
12.Jan1955Depression and Progress12.Jan1955Individual and collective Ego12.Jan1955Purification of experience
19.Jan1955The Role of Higher Mind19.Jan1955Hostile Forces and Progress19.Jan1955Catastrophes, cause & resistance
19.Jan1955Function of the Hostile Forces19.Jan1955Self-regarding vanity 19.Jan1955Well-developed Psychic Being
26.Jan1955 Master of Forces26.Jan1955Suicide26.Jan1955Pleasure in loud noise, boredom
26.Jan1955Cowardice and Tamas 26.Jan1955Courage and Fear26.Jan1955Courage during War
26.Jan1955True Courage02.Feb1955Right Attitude02.Feb1955The Body needed for Sadhana
02.Feb1955Experiences are never the same09.Feb1955Desire is contagious 09.Feb1955True Joy is desireless
09.Feb1955Psychic need09.Feb1955Mind as an instrument09.Feb1955Self-expression of Psychic Being
09.Feb1955Psychic guides mind, vital & physical09.Feb1955Illnesses: body & mind connected09.Feb1955Stained glass: Mother’s Vision
16.Feb1955Losing Mother’s gift 16.Feb1955About certain vitamins 16.Feb1955Sadhak’s collection
16.Feb1955Truly indispensable things16.Feb1955Nature’s harmony 16.Feb1955Rich is a curse
16.Feb1955Misuse creates misery23.Feb1955Educating the senses 23.Feb1955Fasting, body and food
02.Mar1955Right spirit, aspiration & desire02.Mar1955Sleep and Yogic repose 02.Mar1955Remembering dreams
02.Mar1955Concentration & outer activity02.Mar1955Error of the lower vital 02.Mar1955Sleep, school of inner knowledge
02.Mar1955Source of energy 09.Mar1955Psychic opens in phys. consciousness09.Mar1955Transforming egoistic movements
09.Mar1955Work of the psychic being09.Mar1955Experiences of different kinds09.Mar1955Ugly forms seen in meditation
16.Mar1955Rejecting wrong movements16.Mar1955Destiny after Death, Reincarnation16.Mar1955Light of Truth burns dark insincerities
16.Mar1955An army of bad movements16.Mar1955Ideas, a collective wealth; pure ideas23.Mar1955Procedure for rejection & transformation
23.Mar1955True way of learning 23.Mar1955Movements of the species23.Mar1955A cat doing Yoga
30.Mar1955Yoga-Shakti30.Mar1955Energy of the Earth 30.Mar1955The lower parts & ranges of Nature
30.Mar1955Illness curing by yogic means30.Mar1955The true Self and the Psychic30.Mar1955Solving difficulties
06.Apr1955Freud’s psychoanalysis 06.Apr1955The subliminal being 06.Apr1955The psychic and the subliminal
06.Apr1955True Psychology 06.Apr1955Safest way to change lower Nature06.Apr1955Faith in different parts of the being
13.Apr1955Psychoanalyst's torch-lights13.Apr1955“Underground” Super-ego 13.Apr1955Dreams, sleep, night-activities
13.Apr1955Archetypes, Overmind and higher13.Apr1955Dream of someone dying 13.Apr1955Recurring dreams
13.Apr1955Entering Sachchidananda13.Apr1955Moral conscience; true consciousness13.Apr1955Organising one’s life, concentration
27.Apr1955Symbolic dreams and visions27.Apr1955Curing pain by various methods27.Apr1955The need of dreams
27.Apr1955Different states of consciousness27.Apr1955Seeing oneself dead in a dream27.Apr1955Exteriorisation during sleep
04.May1955Drawing on the universal vital force04.May1955The inner physical 04.May1955Receptivity to different kinds of forces
04.May1955Progress and receptivity11.May1955Immunity of the body to attacks11.May1955The Subconscient
11.May1955To prevent illness 11.May1955Supramental nature in the body11.May1955Transforming pain into pleasure
11.May1955Collective illness in the Ashram18.May1955Problem of woman, men & women18.May1955The Supreme Mother
18.May1955Gods and Goddesses 18.May1955Story of creation; Earth 18.May1955Nature‘s meaning of sex
18.May1955What is Nature? - On other planets18.May1955Psychic being only on earth 18.May1955Beings are everywhere
18.May1955Flying saucers18.May1955Going occultly to other worlds25.May1955Religion and reason
25.May1955Reason: it’s true role and field25.May1955Reason as enlightener 25.May1955Reason as Minister of the Spirit
25.May1955Developing reason 25.May1955 Superrational domain and Reason25.May1955Reason can‘t appreciate beauty
25.May1955Aesthetic and ethical mean 25.May1955Reason in the study of science etc.25.May1955Reason prepares the path
25.May1955Learning how to live; the Elite25.May1955Reason controls and organises life25.May1955Nature is infrarational; man has reason
01.Jun1955Aesthetic conscience 01.Jun1955Ordinary scale of our powers01.Jun1955Beauty and Form
01.Jun1955The roots of life; sense of beauty01.Jun1955The morality of Nature 01.Jun1955Mental constructions based on revelation
01.Jun1955Changing the world and harmony01.Jun1955Modern painting and art 08.Jun1955For the sake of the Divine
08.Jun1955Reactions during listening or reading08.Jun1955The Divine manifesting on Earth08.Jun1955Why is the Divine a stranger to us
08.Jun1955Reversal of consciousness08.Jun1955Integral progress; facing difficulties08.Jun1955Foolish excuses
08.Jun1955Doing Yoga15.Jun1955What is dynamic realisation?15.Jun1955What is dynamic side?
15.Jun1955Negative/positive side of experience15.Jun1955The image of the dry coconut fruit15.Jun1955Purusha, Prakriti, the Divine Mother
15.Jun1955The Truth-creation, Pralaya15.Jun1955Reign of Overmind, transitional period22.Jun1955Awakening the Yogashakti
22.Jun1955The thousand-petalled Lotus22.Jun1955Reading: how far a help for yoga22.Jun1955Simple/complicated combination in men
29.Jun1955The true vital and physical29.Jun1955Time and space29.Jun1955Concentrating on the Divine
29.Jun1955The psychic‘s memory of former lives29.Jun1955The psychic organises one‘s life29.Jun1955The psychic‘s knowledge and direction
06.Jul1955The psychic, central being or Jivatman06.Jul1955Unity and Multiplicity in the Divine06.Jul1955Having experiences and the ego
06.Jul1955Mental, vital & physical exteriorisation06.Jul1955Imagination has a formative power06.Jul1955Finding a person in the mental domain
06.Jul1955The function of the imagination06.Jul1955Scientists have Imagination06.Jul1955To imagine the Divine
06.Jul1955The Universe is progressive13.Jul1955Cosmic spirit and consciousness13.Jul1955The wall of ignorance; unity & separation
13.Jul1955Possessed by the Divine means13.Jul1955Separation of Sat, Chit and Ananda13.Jul1955Aspiration to understand, to know, to be
13.Jul1955Oneness, multiplicity through division13.Jul1955Realising desires through imagination13.Jul1955Realisation by self-giving to Divine Grace
20.Jul1955The impersonal Divine 20.Jul1955Escaping from the influence of others20.Jul1955The Divine gives Himself
20.Jul1955 The Impersonal Divine; Nirvana20.Jul1955The inner or fourth dimension20.Jul1955The paths of aspiration and surrender
20.Jul1955Linear and spherical paths27.Jul1955Concentration on the solar plexus27.Jul1955Beyond the mind
27.Jul1955Dry up the heart27.Jul1955Concentrate27.Jul1955Dispersion in the consciousness
27.Jul1955The ordinary state of people 27.Jul1955Mother‘s Work27.Jul1955The March Past; World War I
03.Aug1955True Life-activity03.Aug1955Nothing is impossible 03.Aug1955The inmost soul
03.Aug1955Occult powers; adverse influences03.Aug1955Don’t mix up magic with occultism03.Aug1955Yogic powers
03.Aug1955Hypnotism and its effects17.Aug1955Vertical ascent & horizontal opening17.Aug1955Liberation of the psychic being
17.Aug1955Sadhana for the psychic being24.Aug1955Concentrating on photos of Mother 24.Aug1955Self-awareness; kinds of meditation
24.Aug1955Contemplation & concentration24.Aug1955Poetry is the sensuality of the spirit24.Aug1955Beauty and truth in poetry
24.Aug1955Inspiration and men of genius24.Aug1955Silence; inner state and in things24.Aug1955Withdrawn from the surface existence
31.Aug1955Choosing the work in Sadhana31.Aug1955Education; learning from experience31.Aug1955True rest is an ascent into the Light
31.Aug1955Vulgarisation in modern time07.Sep1955Work, a school of experience07.Sep1955Life as an illusion: Buddha & Shankara
07.Sep1955Action expressing an inner realisation07.Sep1955Teaching of Buddha & Shankara07.Sep1955Teaching of the Rishis
07.Sep1955Meditation with lower consciousness07.Sep1955Avatars of Vishnu & Shiva; Buddha07.Sep1955Obstacles and vulgarity
14.Sep1955Politics and Finance14.Sep1955Politicians of the Last War14.Sep1955Goodwill & deeper consciousness
14.Sep1955America and Russia 14.Sep1955The Divine during the war14.Sep1955India‘s role in the world
21.Sep1955The commercial mentality21.Sep1955Learning to enrich one’s possibilities21.Sep1955The attitude of men
05.Oct1955Science and ignorance; Buddha05.Oct1955Becoming the universal consciousness05.Oct1955Progress in the mental field & beyond
12.Oct1955The problem of transformation12.Oct1955Evolution and new consciousness12.Oct1955Sri Aurobindo and earth‘s history
12.Oct1955Setting foot on the new path12.Oct1955True spirit of adventure12.Oct1955The new realisation is the only thing
12.Oct1955Transformation of animality12.Oct1955The true reality of the universe12.Oct1955Evolution, man, superman, the new race
12.Oct1955Attitude of man and superman19.Oct1955The rhythms of time 19.Oct1955Certain conditions of repetition
19.Oct1955The lotus of knowledge & perfection19.Oct1955Potential knowledge 19.Oct1955The teguments of the soul
19.Oct1955Shastra & the Guru’s direct teaching 19.Oct1955He who chooses the Infinite...26.Oct1955The Divine & the universal Teacher
26.Oct1955The power of the Word 26.Oct1955The Creative Word; the mantra26.Oct1955Sound, music in other worlds
26.Oct1955The Past and the Future26.Oct1955The domains of pure form, color, ideas02.Nov1955First movement in Yoga
02.Nov1955The Vedic age02.Nov1955Vivekananda 02.Nov1955Vedas and Vedic Rishis
02.Nov1955Involution and Evolution09.Nov1955Personal effort: egoistic mind09.Nov1955Man is like public square
09.Nov1955The work of Nature 09.Nov1955Ego needed to form the individual09.Nov1955Adverse Forces for man‘s sincerity
09.Nov1955Determinisms of different planes16.Nov1955Significance of numbers16.Nov1955Divine’s Love flowers for Kali puja
16.Nov1955Is personal effort egoistic?16.Nov1955Desire, aspiration and progress16.Nov1955Determine the approach to the Divine
16.Nov1955Liberation is obtained thru austerities16.Nov1955An Old Chaldean Legend23.Nov1955One Reality; multiple manifestation
23.Nov1955Difference: Supreme and Divine man23.Nov1955Miracles and the logic of events30.Nov1955Time as a friend or enemy
30.Nov1955Forces of Nature 30.Nov1955Rain and snow in Algeria30.Nov1955Regularity of the seasons
30.Nov1955I’m a spectator, I don’t intervene30.Nov1955True attitude in work30.Nov1955Ordinary human mental constructions
30.Nov1955Being indifferent & keep harmony30.Nov1955Become indifferent to criticism07.Dec1955Emotional impulse of self-giving
07.Dec1955Story of a dancer in France07.Dec1955Only the heart has wings07.Dec1955Only joy can conquer the Adversary
14.Dec1955Old Yoga: Rejection of life as illusion14.Dec1955Fighting the adverse forces14.Dec1955Universal and individual being
14.Dec1955The three stages of the Integral Yoga14.Dec1955To feel the Divine Presence always14.Dec1955The state of ignorance in us
21.Dec1955Collective Sadhana 21.Dec1955Don’t come for your own sake!21.Dec1955Do we make enough effort?
21.Dec1955Facing problems fearlessly21.Dec1955Intensification of difficulties28.Dec1955Aspiration in different parts of the being
28.Dec1955Enthusiasm and gratitude28.Dec1955Aspiration is in all beings28.Dec1955Everything else is progressing
04.Jan1956Integral idea of the Divine04.Jan1956All things attracted by the Divine04.Jan1956More or less Self-control
04.Jan1956A powerful or integral Yoga04.Jan1956Idea-force 04.Jan1956About Mother’s New Year Message
04.Jan1956Work of the Spirit11.Jan1956Giving all one is or has11.Jan1956Sincerity: more powerful than will
11.Jan1956Joy of Progress; definition of youth18.Jan1956Positive & negative sides of work18.Jan1956A chosen human vessel of the Divine
18.Jan1956Aspiration of plants, of children18.Jan1956Being chosen by the Divine18.Jan1956True hierarchy
18.Jan1956Perfect relation with the Divine18.Jan19561915: Mother saw India’s Freedom25.Jan1956Divine way of life: Overmind, Supermind
25.Jan1956Material body: for discovery of the Divine25.Jan1956Five psychological perfections01.Feb1956Path of knowledge
01.Feb1956Finding the Divine in life01.Feb1956Capacity for the Divine contact...01.Feb1956Perfect bliss; Manifestation & hierarchy
08.Feb1956Forces of Nature: a higher Will08.Feb1956Mental & vital will; Separate personality08.Feb1956Oneness in dynamic force
08.Feb1956Common ideal of life: microscopic15.Feb1956Nature & the Master of Nature15.Feb1956Conscious intelligent
15.Feb1956Theory of the Gita: not the whole truth 15.Feb1956Gita’s limitation15.Feb1956Surrender to the Lord; change of Nature
22.Feb1956Strong immobility of an immortal spirit22.Feb1956Equality of the soul 22.Feb1956The Knot of desire and ego
22.Feb1956Using experience as a cloak22.Feb1956People with harmful powers29.Feb1956Sacrifice: self-giving
29.Feb1956Divine Oneness, Presence, Consciousness29.Feb1956All is One07.Mar1956Animal sacrifice
07.Mar1956Sacrifice: to hostile forces, by consciousness07.Mar1956To be luminously open 07.Mar1956Integral transformation
07.Mar1956Pain of rejection; delight of progress07.Mar1956Spirit: behind intention & matter14.Mar1956Dynamic meditation
14.Mar1956Do all as an offering to the Divine14.Mar1956Significance of 23.4.56; superstition21.Mar1956Identify with the Divine, most important
28.Mar1956Starting-point of spiritual experience28.Mar1956Boundless finite28.Mar1956The Division within us
28.Mar1956Timeless & time; no mental explanation28.Mar1956The biune duality of Brahman-Maya28.Mar1956Changing knowledge to experience
28.Mar1956Sat-Chit-Tapas-Ananda 04.Apr1956The witness soul 04.Apr1956A Gita enthusiast
04.Apr1956Propagandist spirit; Tolstoy’s son11.Apr1956Manifestation of Time and Space11.Apr1956Brahman-Maya and Ishwara-Shakti
11.Apr1956Self-creator11.Apr1956Personal and Impersonal 18.Apr1956Ishwara & Shakti: seeing both aspects
18.Apr1956Soul: presence of the divine Person18.Apr1956Going to other worlds; dreams18.Apr1956Creative power in world of vital forms
25.Apr1956God: human conception & true Divine25.Apr1956Earthly existence: to realise the Divine25.Apr1956Ananda: Divine pleasure
25.Apr1956Relations with the divine Presence25.Apr1956Don’t ask the Divine for needs...02.May1956Threefold union
02.May1956Manifestation of the Supramental02.May1956Profiting from the Divine 02.May1956Recognition of Supramental Force
02.May1956Ascent, descent, manifestation09.May1956Beginning of the true spiritual life09.May1956Spirit gives value to all things
09.May1956To be helped by the supramental Force16.May1956Needs of the body is not true16.May1956Spiritual and supramental Law
16.May1956Aestheticised Paganism 16.May1956Morality: checks true spiritual effort16.May1956Effect of supramental descent
16.May1956Half-lights and false lights23.May1956Yoga and religion23.May1956Story of two clergymen on a boat
23.May1956The Buddha and the Supramental23.May1956Hieroglyphs & phonetic alphabets23.May1956Vision: ancient Egypt but no sounds
30.May1956Forms as symbols of the Force behind30.May1956Art as expression of contact with the Divine30.May1956Supramental psychological perfection
30.May1956Division of works30.May1956Lack of aspiration, idle stupidities06.Jun1956Sign or indication from books of revelation
06.Jun1956Spiritualised mind06.Jun1956Stages of sadhana; reversal of consciousness06.Jun1956Organisation around central Presence
06.Jun1956Boredom: most common human malady13.Jun1956Effects of the Supramental action 13.Jun1956Education, stay ignorant, concentration
13.Jun1956Reason: not supreme capacity of man 13.Jun1956Physical education; inner discipline13.Jun1956True usefulness of teachers & instructors
20.Jun1956Mystic Light, intuition, inner oracle 20.Jun1956Psychic being and contact 20.Jun1956Secular refrigeration; secular ethics
20.Jun1956True role of the mind 20.Jun1956Realise the Divine thru Love not mind 20.Jun1956Depression; pleasure; joy
20.Jun1956Heart: mixture in its action20.Jun1956To follow the soul and not the mind20.Jun1956Physical energy: progressive effort; rest
20.Jun1956Collective discipline; laws of atavism27.Jun1956Birth: entry of soul into body27.Jun1956Bad thoughts; cerebral filter
27.Jun1956Progress and resistance 27.Jun1956Formation of supram. world; Aspiration/progress04.Jul1956Aspiration when one sees a shooting star
04.Jul1956Preparing the body; make it understand04.Jul1956Getting rid of pain and suffering04.Jul1956Psychic light
11.Jul1956Beauty restored to its priesthood11.Jul1956Occult worlds; occult beings11.Jul1956Difficulties and the supramental force
18.Jul1956Unlived dreams18.Jul1956Radha-consciousness 18.Jul1956Ananda of identity & Ananda of union
18.Jul1956Sincerity, meditation and prayer18.Jul1956Enemies of the Divine 18.Jul1956The Universe is progressive
25.Jul1956A complete act of divine love25.Jul1956How to listen 25.Jul1956Why no difference between boys & girls
01.Aug1956Value of worship; spiritual realisation01.Aug1956Symbols: translation of experience; sincerity01.Aug1956Intensity of aspiration: with anguish or joy
01.Aug1956Divine Grace08.Aug1956How to light the psychic fire; will for progress08.Aug1956Helping from a distance; mental formations
08.Aug1956Prayer and the divine Grace08.Aug1956Grace at work everywhere15.Aug1956Protection, purification, fear
15.Aug1956Darshan Days15.Aug1956Sri Aurobindo’s birthday15.Aug1956State of surrender
15.Aug1956Divine Grace: always been all-powerful15.Aug1956Assumption of the Virgin Mary22.Aug1956The heaven of the liberated mind
22.Aug1956Trance or samadhi 22.Aug1956Occult discipline: leaving consecutive bodies22.Aug1956To be greater than one’s experience
22.Aug1956Unique relation with the Supreme29.Aug1956To live spontaneously; no mental formation29.Aug1956Absolute Sincerity
29.Aug1956Balance is indispensable; the middle path29.Aug1956When in difficulty, widen the consciousness29.Aug1956Easiest way of forgetting oneself
05.Sep1956Material life: seeing in the right way05.Sep1956Effect of the Supermind on the earth05.Sep1956Emergence of the Supermind
05.Sep1956Falling back into the same mistaken ways12.Sep1956Questions, practice & progress19.Sep1956Power: predominant quality of vital being
19.Sep1956The Divine, the psychic being, the Supermind19.Sep1956Coming out of the physical consciousness19.Sep1956Look life in the face
19.Sep1956Ordinary and Divine Love26.Sep1956Soul of desire 26.Sep1956Openness; harmony with Nature
26.Sep1956Union with divine Presence; difficulty & desire soul26.Sep1956Contact with the Mother; inner receptivity26.Sep1956Bad thoughts
03.Oct1956The Mother’s different ways of speaking03.Oct1956A new manifestation; new elements03.Oct1956Laws of Nature & the Supramental
03.Oct1956Logic of the unforeseen03.Oct1956Child prodigies 03.Oct1956Creative writers; the hands of musicians
10.Oct1956The Supramental race: in a few centuries10.Oct1956Everyone must follow his own path10.Oct1956Progress: no two paths alike
17.Oct1956Delight and detachment17.Oct1956To be calm; quietude, mental, vital17.Oct1956Calm and strength
17.Oct1956Experience & expression of experience24.Oct1956New body; cases of incarnation24.Oct1956Departure of soul from body
31.Oct1956Manifestation: Divine love; deformation of Love31.Oct1956Experience & expression of experience07.Nov1956About Thoughts
07.Nov1956Ideas are of higher origin 14.Nov1956Conquering the desire to appear good14.Nov1956Self-control & Power of mastery
14.Nov1956To be good teacher or yogi14.Nov1956Elementary discipline of regularity21.Nov1956Knowings and Knowledge
21.Nov1956Reason: summit of man’s mental activities21.Nov1956Willings and the true will21.Nov1956First step to have knowledge
21.Nov1956Relativity of medical knowledge21.Nov1956Mental gymnastics to make the mind supple28.Nov1956Desire, ego, animal nature
28.Nov1956Consciousness: a progressive state28.Nov1956Ananda: desireless state beyond enjoyings28.Nov1956Personal effort that is mental
28.Nov1956Reason and “reasons” 05.Dec1956Even and objectless ecstasy05.Dec1956 Transform the animal
05.Dec1956Individual personality & world-personality05.Dec1956Food and sleep05.Dec1956Ordered intuition
12.Dec1956Virtue of paradoxes; nothing is impossible12.Dec1956The unfolding universe & the Eternal12.Dec1956Attention, concentration & effort
12.Dec1956Distinction between will & “willings”12.Dec1956Suggestions & formations12.Dec1956The vital world: adverse suggestions
19.Dec1956Preconceived mental ideas: process of creation19.Dec1956Destructive power of bad thoughts19.Dec1956To be perfectly sincere
26.Dec1956Defeated victories26.Dec1956Change of consciousness26.Dec1956Experiences that indicate the road to take
26.Dec1956Choice and preference26.Dec1956Diversity of the manifestation02.Jan1957Going out of time and space
02.Jan1957Not a crucified but a glorified body02.Jan1957Individual effort and the new force09.Jan1957God is essential Delight
09.Jan1957God & Nature play at hide-and-seek09.Jan1957When and why is Mother grave?16.Jan1957Seeking something without knowing
16.Jan1957The reason of our existence23.Jan1957What is pure Delight? 23.Jan1957Sheer Delight of Being
23.Jan1957Divine Delight: drop of honey30.Jan1957The meaning of artistry30.Jan1957How to sense the Divine Guidance?
06.Feb1957Death; need of progress06.Feb1957Changing Nature’s method07.Feb1957Individual & collective meditation
13.Feb1957Suffering; pain & pleasure13.Feb1957Illness and its cure 20.Feb1957Limitation of the body & individuality
03.Mar1957Freedom, servitude and love08.Mar1957Meditation and a tiger 13.Mar1957Our best friends
15.Mar1957Stories of Tlemcen 20.Mar1957Never sit down; true repose22.Mar1957A story of initiation
27.Mar1957Humanity and spirituality03.Apr1957Religions and spirituality10.Apr1957Sport and Yoga
10.Apr1957Organise your life 17.Apr1957Transformation of the body24.Apr1957Lower and higher perfection
01.May1957Sport competition08.May1957Vital excitement, reason, instinct 15.May1957Differentiation of sexes
15.May1957Transformation from above...29.May1957Progressive transformation05.Jun1957Questions and silence
05.Jun1957Methods of meditation 12.Jun1957Fasting and spiritual progress19.Jun1957Cause of illnesses
19.Jun1957Fear and illness 19.Jun1957Medicine for a more conscious body19.Jun1957Mental resolution, faith and illness
19.Jun1957Curability of illness 26.Jun1957Birth through direct transmutation26.Jun1957Judging others
26.Jun1957New Birth03.Jul1957Collective yoga: vision of a huge hotel09.Jul1957Incontinence of speech
10.Jul1957A New World is born 10.Jul1957Overmind will be dissolved17.Jul1957Power of conscious will over matter
24.Jul1957The evolved Supermind 31.Jul1957Awakening aspiration in the body07.Aug1957The resistances: politics and money
07.Aug1957Aspiration for the supramental life21.Aug1957The Ashram & level of consciousness28.Aug1957Freedom and Divine Will
04.Sep1957Sri Aurobindo: an eternal birth11.Sep1957Vital chemistry: attraction & repulsion18.Sep1957Occultism & supramental life
25.Sep1957Preparation of the intermediate being02.Oct1957The Mind of Light 02.Oct1957About Buddha
09.Oct1957The Supramental Truth 16.Oct1957Story of successive involutions23.Oct1957Central motive of terrestrial existence
23.Oct1957Evolution 23.Oct1957The climax of this consciousness30.Oct1957Double movement of evolution
30.Oct1957Disappearance of a species13.Nov1957Superiority of man over animal13.Nov1957Consciousness precedes form
27.Nov1957Sri Aurobindo’s method in Life Divine27.Nov1957Individual and cosmic evolution04.Dec1957The method of The Life Divine
04.Dec1957Emerging problem of a new species11.Dec1957Appearance of the first men18.Dec1957Modern science and illusion
18.Dec1957Experience and its transforming power18.Dec1957Supramental power: first to manifest01.Jan1958The collaboration of material Nature
01.Jan1958Miracles visible to a deep vision01.Jan1958New Year Message 08.Jan1958Sri Aurobindo’s method of exposition
08.Jan1958The mind as a public place08.Jan1958Mental control 08.Jan1958Sri Aurobindo’s subtle hand
15.Jan1958The only unshakable point of support22.Jan1958Intellectual theories 22.Jan1958Expressing a living and real Truth
29.Jan1958The plan of the universe29.Jan1958Self-awareness 05.Feb1958The great voyage of the Supreme
05.Feb1958Determination and freedom12.Feb1958Psychic progresses from life to life19.Feb1958The Supramental boat
19.Feb1958Difference between the Worlds19.Feb1958The Censors 19.Feb1958Absurdity of artificial means
26.Feb1958The moon and the stars26.Feb1958Horoscope and Yoga 05.Mar1958Vibrations and words
05.Mar1958Power of thoughts; gift of tongues12.Mar1958The key of past transformations19.Mar1958General tension in humanity
19.Mar1958Peace and progress 19.Mar1958Perversion & vision of transformation26.Mar1958Mental anxiety & trust in spirit. power
02.Apr1958Correcting a mistake 09.Apr1958The Eye of the Soul 09.Apr1958Perceiving the soul
16.Apr1958The Superman 16.Apr1958The New Realisation 23.Apr1958Progress and bargaining
30.Apr1958Mental constructions and experience07.May1958The Secret of Nature 14.May1958Intellectual activity & subtle knowing
14.May1958Understanding with the body 21.May1958Mental Honesty 28.May1958The Avatar
04.Jun1958New Birth11.Jun1958Is there a spiritual being in everybody?18.Jun1958Philosophy, religion, occultism, spirituality
25.Jun1958Sadhana in the Body 09.Jul1958Faith and personal effort16.Jul1958Is religion a necessity?
23.Jul1958How to develop intuition 23.Jul1958Concentration30.Jul1958The planchette; automatic writing
30.Jul1958About Sri Aurobindo’s contacts30.Jul1958Proofs and Knowledge 06.Aug1958Collective prayer; the ideal collectivity
13.Aug1958The profit staying in the Ashram13.Aug1958Finding the Divine15.Aug1958A Prayer from Sri Aurobindo
27.Aug1958Meditation and Imagination27.Aug1958From thought to idea, then to principle03.Sep1958How to discipline the imagination
03.Sep1958Mental formations 10.Sep1958Magic and occultism 10.Sep1958Physical Science
10.Sep1958Is Hypnotism harmful?10.Sep1958Special qualities 17.Sep1958Power of formulating experience
17.Sep1958Usefulness of mental development17.Sep1958Are analysis & deduction obstacles?24.Sep1958Living the Truth
24.Sep1958Words and experience01.Oct1958The ideal of moral perfection08.Oct1958Stages between man and superman
22.Oct1958Spiritual life; reversal of consciousness22.Oct1958Helping others 29.Oct1958Mental self-sufficiency; Grace
05.Nov1958Knowing how to be silent12.Nov1958The Aim of the Supreme12.Nov1958Trust in the Grace
26.Nov1958The role of the Spirit26.Nov1958New Birth