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001Knowledge and wisdom 002True inspiration 003Reason trembles
004Jnani or God’s work 005Catch a glimpse 006Transform reason to Divine Wisdom
007True wisdom 008Dogmas of the Sects are intolerance 009Soul’s vision and experience
010My Soul knows immortality 011Immortality versus Mental Personality 012Stupidity of the reasoning
013Miracle of the human reason014The Supreme Lord is like an Artist 015What means hallucination?
016Polysyllables017Do We know God?018Idea of illusion
019No Ugly & Repellent in this World? 020A Sublime Reality 021Forgiveness
022&023Affirmation of the Divine Presence 024Misfortune025Supreme Wisdom
026Sir Philip Sidney 027God is a Great and Cruel Torturer 028War
029God’s Will030The Purity of a Child 031Despair
032Hide & Seek - Atheist & Theist 033Strike is Thy Love 034Misfortune is a Blessing
035&036In Love with Grief and Sins 037Is Krishna a Myth? 038The Emanation “Christ”
039About Human History 040Four Great Events in History 041The Gospels of Forgery
042Heaven and Hell 043The Will of the Supreme Lord 044Falsehoods of Indisputable Dogmas
045The Worst Enemy of Truth 046Real Imprisonment 047Wearisome
048The Beauty of Hideous 049How to cure Ugliness and Evil? 050Don’t Hate the Sinner
051Righteous Wrath 052How to love God and Not Humanity? 053&054The Quarrels of Religious Sects
055Union with Kali 056Don’t try to prevail in a debate 057The Nature of Mind
058The Early Paradise on Earth 059Religion‘s Image of God060There is no Mortality
061Infinite062Distorted Mask of Truth 063-065God‘s Weakness is his Strength
066Sin is out of Place 067&068There is no Sin in Man069Sin & Virtue: a game of Resistance
070Examine Yourself Pitiless 071The Whole Target 072The Sign of Dawning Knowledge
073When Wisdom comes 074&075Practical Knowledge is Never Complete 076Child destroys Europe
077&078Knowledge by Inspiration 079&080Justification for Errors 081-083How to Laugh with the Lord
084-087About Miracles 088-092Opposition & Contraries stimulate Progress 093Pain is the Touch of our Mother
094Renunciation095The Perfect Renunciation of Desire 096Importance of Experience
097The Experience of Others 098Revelation099The Interpretation of Scripture
100-102Our Perception103-107Sannyasins108Narada can’t see the Soul
109Man gets in Contact with God 110Smile at the Wonders of Physical Science 111&112The Silence of Wisdom
113&114Hatred, Selfishness & Meanness 115&116There is No End and No Beginning 117-121Feeling of an Irresistible Power
122-124Our Opinions 125&126The Law of Nature127Law is a Formula
128&129Psychic Nature 130God‘s Foreknowledge 131&132Moral Notions
133Titans are stronger than the Gods 134-136Disease and Pain 137The Way of the Soul
138Relationships between Souls 139Superman140Impostor Supermen
141Nietzsche‘s Superman 142Ascent of Humanity is needed143&144Beyond Visible Nature
145Truth in the external Symbol146-150Shakespeare & Knowledge of the Supreme 151Scientists‘ Knowledge
152&153Immaterial Consciousness154-156The Way of Seeing Creation 157&158Manifestation of God in Human Beings
159Supreme Reality 160&161Infertile Intellectuality162Evolution
163&164The Basis of Freedom 165True Liberty 166The Idea of Sin and Virtue
167The Leader is God Within168&169The Sword of God 170&171Christ and Mohamed
172Freedom is the Liberator 173&174To Understand God truly 175There is no Good, Bad or Luck
176&177Learn the true Cosmic Vision178The Limits of Ego 179God is everywhere
180How to experience Eternity181&182Calling Someone a Fool 183&184Exaggeration
185&186Don’t be affected by Good & Bad187&188Virtue and Vice 189-191Charity and Poverty
192Old Indian Society 193-196Poverty197&198Necessity of Inner Development
199&200Religion and Philosophy 201&202Christianity vs. Vedanta 203&204No Bondage to Nature
205Life and Action206God leads Man207To Live according to Truth
208&209Beatitude210&211Anger and Vengeance 212The Soul‘s Failures
213Making Tragedies 214&215Genius216Keep Calm
217Mastering Violence 218-221Hatred and Enemies 222-224Old Gods and Asuras
225-227Altruism228-230Men’s Slaughter 231-234True Virtues
235-237True Instruments of the Soul 238-240Great and Noble Failures 241&242Atheism and Religion
243-247Divine Guidance 248-250Divine Will 251Divine Solitude
252-254Defeat and Failure is not the End 255-257Blind Faith 258-261Reason and Faith
262-264Divine Command 265-269Beware of Imposter Voice 270&271Persistence
272&273A True Warrior 274-276Power of Spirit 277&278True Action
279Divine Consecration 280-281Divine Presence within us 282Divine Purity
283-285Death and Sorrow 286-288Other Gods 289&290Divine Love in All
291&292Human Judgment 293&294Self-deceit295&296Sufferings of the World
297&298Appearance and Inner Reality 299-302Opinions and Disputes303-305Women
306Asceticism307Shankara308-310Sufferings and Difficulties
311&312The Right Attitude 313&314A Million Lives 315&316Personal Incapacity
317&318Divine Sight 319The Will of Brahman320&321The Anarchic State
322-324True Communism325&326Liberty, Equality, Fraternity 327&328Government of the Supreme Lord
329-331Sincerity of the Consecration332-334Nationality335-336Human Unity
337-338Imitators339Good and Evil340Never Despair
341-343Democracy in Europe 344&345Perfection of the Soul 346-348True Saintliness
349-351What is God’s Will 352-356Above All is Truth 357True Government
358-361Change of Consciousness 362Religious Conventions 363-369The Command of the Supreme Lord
370-373Divine Grace 374-376Let the Divine decide 377&378Offering your Ego to the Divine
379-381Peace, Poise and Harmony 382Health and Divine Grace383-385Barbarous Comfort of Europe
386-389Diseases and Medical Science 390-393 Natural Faith 394-399The Slaves of Doctors
400-403Mental Faith in Drugs 404-407True Salvation 408-412The Tool of God
413Adultery with God 414-420God of Religions 421-424Pain
425-427Love for the Divine 428Love for Krishna or Kali 429&430Love for Nature
431-434Maya(vadin)435-438Krishna439-444My Lover
445-449The Secret of Existence450-455True Divine Love 456-461Opposition to God
462&463Pride leads to Sins 464&465Divine Joy 466-468The Sceptic Mind
469-471Understand Divine Grace 472Divine Presence 473Sincere Aspirations
474&475Calvin and Dante 476Seven Beatitudes 477-479The Semitic God
480&481Ordinary Human Consciousness 482&483The Robe of Virtue 484Above Virtue and Sin
485-489True Unity 490-492The Secret of Beatitude 493&494Divine Love
495&496Lesson for the Body 497-499True Wisdom 500-503Suffering and Pain
504As surely as God loveth505Be of Service to the Divine506With Divine Eyes
507Human Science508The Image of Troubles 509-512To be God’s Slave
513&514Be the Slave of All 515&516God’s Servant 517&518Our Weaknesses
519Love or Fight God 520Kali is Krishna521The Limitations of Our Visions
522&523Hell is better than Eden524Soul vs. Mind525&526Supreme Fulfilment
527&528Human Pity 529&530True Human Pity 531-533God is everywhere
534Human Love535Divine Mind536&537True Knowledge
538Two Darknesses539&540A Glimpse of the Truth 541All is Divine